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   Chapter 559 Attacking Celine But Taking Rachel

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Early next morning, Rachel woke up and went to the bathroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth. Then she went to the room next door to wake Celine.

She found that Celine was already awake, but instead of getting up, she was lying in her bed and talking to Hardy over the phone. It appeared that their conversation had been going on for a while.

"My dear, I was thinking about you all night long! I can't wait to see you now! But I have to wait for a couple of days!" Celine was wrapped in her quilt and slobbering all over Hardy on the phone. She gestured to Rachel to take a seat when she saw her.

"No, I don't feel like going back now! This island is a place of idyllic beauty, and the food here is amazing! Oh, everything is perfect! I regret not bringing you with me!"

She had zoned into her conversation as if Rachel wasn't there in the room, "Are you missing me, darling?"

Rachel seldom spoke to Hiram in such a sickly sweet manner and was deeply embarrassed to witness Celine speak to Hardy in such a tone. Rachel looked down at her arms to find that she was having worst goosebumps!

She sat there and wrapped herself with her arms, waiting for Celine to finish her call. "My dear Celine, as long as I am concerned, Hardy is an honest man and not very expressive I wonder now whether you have misled him!"

Celine smirked at Rachel as she changed her pyjamas right in front of her and said, "No, it's not misleading, and I would like to call it the intimacy between lovers! Look, we haven't gotten married yet, and this is the right time for us to show our affections!"

"Here you go! Then, can you tell me what Hardy's reaction is when you speak like that to him?" Rachel asked curiously and pictured the sour-looking doctor in his white gown. She was quite curious as to what he was like now, after dating Celine for so long.

"Oh, at first, he was just stalling! Didn't even dare to look me in the eyes! As time went by, he is now able to respond with a few words!" Celine replied happily.

She laughed out loud as she walked to the bathroom, rubbing her jumbled hair.

"My boyfriend is different, compared to your husband. Mr. Rong is good at actions. Although he talks less, he will do whatever comes into his mind immediately.

But my Hardy, he never speaks any sweet words nor makes any romantic gestures to please me. Thus, I have to teach him how to make me happy!"

Celine narrated her reasons in between brushing her teeth.

Rachel registered Celine's response and concluded that they were true. She could easily count on her fingers the number of times Hiram had uttered sweet nothings. Most of the time, he chose to speak with his actions.

Later that day, they went to the east side of LH Island. This island not only had a long history and spanned a tremendous area. It would take at least three days for them to look around and taste all the specialities.

As recommended by the locals, Rachel and Celine rented a boat for the lake. Now it would take nearly two hours for them to circle around the island.

"Oh, God!" Celine exclaimed in the breeze. She couldn't resist the view and clicked a lot of pictures with her cell phone. From

l was kidnapped?

He was doomed!

How could he explain this to Hiram? If he was unable to rescue her, he thought he would much rather jump into the lake right there.

Moments later, the bodyguards called Carl and said desperately, "We're sorry, Mr. Fang! We lost them! We couldn't see which direction they were heading because they were driving so fast."

Carl's body shook with fear as he took out his phone. He needed to inform Hiram at once.

"Hiram...Are you there?" he mumbled.

"What's up?" Hiram asked casually.

He had been in the middle of a meeting when he saw Carl's call and walked outside to receive it.

"Hiram, listen... Rachel, Rachel..." Carl was choking with anxiety. He smacked his head, again and again, trying to sober himself.

He resented himself for not going inside the toilet with Rachel.

Clearly, the kidnapper was very cunning. He had deviously planned an attack on Celine to draw everyone's attention away, while his actual target had been Rachel all along.

Hiram felt a cold shudder pass through his body, and he urged, "What happened to her? Tell me now! Come on!"

"Hiram, Rachel… Rachel was taken away!" Carl said, wrenching the words out of his mouth.

Hiram knitted his eyebrows and shouted over the phone, "What? Taken away? What the hell have you three done? Are you nuts? With three able bodies men there, you still lost her?!"

"Sorry, I'm so sorry... " Carl spluttered.

"What is the fucking use of saying sorry to me now! Call the police! Find her and get her back safe and sound! At any cost! If you don't, I'll skin you alive! All three of you!" Hiram roared on the phone.

He hung up and smashed the phone on the ground in blinding rage.

"What's up, Hiram?" Chad asked when he heard the commotion.

Hiram clenched his fists, took a deep breath slowly and said, "Go and get the plane ready! I need to go to LH Island right now!"

"Right now?" Chad asked in shock.

Then he pointed at the meeting room and added, "But the meeting isn't finished yet!"

Hiram silenced him with a freezing look, Chad immediately shut up and ran away hurriedly.

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