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   Chapter 558 Mysterious S Gate

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When Rachel heard that Carl was going to tell Hiram, she reached out to grab Carl's phone and handed it over to Celine, who was standing behind her, "Carl, there are many tourists outside. Please, don't make a scene, okay?

Besides, we have our bodyguards with us. Don't worry. We will just go around for a walk and then leave. There's no need to worry about anything."

They had planned to travel here for leisure. However, now Carl made it seem like a very mysterious and dangerous place.

As she spoke, Rachel and Celine walked out of the hotel at a fast pace.

There were many tourists out and about, that came to enjoy the night view. Some were walking while others were taking photos. The setting seemed very romantic and comfortable.

However, Rachel still noticed that a warning line was put up against a border not far from them, to prohibit tourists from coming closer.

It seemed very strange and unnecessary as it looked like a mountain wall and didn't even have a gate to enter through. Why would anyone even bother to put up a warning line there in the first place? However, she still didn't believe that there was anyone who could break through the wall to enter.

"Rach, how about we go back now? You've done enough sightseeing for one day. It feels so weird and gloomy here. I'm... I'm not sure I like it," Celine said in a timid voice. Since she was drugged the last time she was out and about, she became more cautious about where she went. She didn't want anything like that incident, to happen to her again.

She knew that Rachel was much braver than her because she had experienced a lot in the past year alone. But she was unable to remain as calm as Rachel.

"Yes, Celine is right. I think it would be best for us to go back now,"

Carl immediately agreed when he heard what Celine had said. It seemed unrealistic to think that one wall had separated two worlds. There was a dark and damp half of the city behind that mountain, which was not a place to be trusted, especially not for those who were wealthy. It was said that two dark forces who were rooted there were fighting with one another each day. It was a place filled with bloodshed and danger.

Rachel nodded her head after she looked around for a while, "Well, let's go back then. It's already late anyway."

They then went back to the hotel.

Celine went back to her room to rest once she returned to the hotel. After taking a shower, Rachel laid on a soft pad beside her window, browsing through a book that she had brought with her on the trip.

She realized that they were walking nearly the entire day, but didn't feel as sleepy as she had expected she would. She just felt physically drained.

She read the book for a while. Later when she felt too sleepy to continue, she stretched out her body and put the book on the table before she went to bed.

Right at that moment, she heard a noise outside of the window that startled her.

It seemed like a motorboat had just passed by.

Rachel rubbed her eyes and yawned. She then walked over to the window, opened the curtains and checked whether everything seemed fine outside.

She was right. There was

ng his face, "You must hate me to death, don't you? I ruined your pretty face. I think it must scare many beautiful girls away now.

If not, then why would you possibly be screwing around with either old or ugly women?"

Patrick's eyebrows slightly shivered. The women of S Gate, above a certain age, weren't young but they were still able to retain their graceful bearings. They were not as old or ugly as Marcia said.

"It's none of your business. I'd still prefer older and uglier women to a bloodthirsty woman like you any day!" He pushed her hand off of his face as he sneered coldly.

He knew that Marcia was clearly an unusual woman. Since he had beaten her once and killed her father for his own revenge, Marcia was like a tail that would pester behind him, making endless trouble for him wherever he went.

She would never kill him, but would continue to pester him until the day came around that she would have to die herself.

"Let me guess. you don't like me, so you must be thinking of that woman who doesn't belong to you. Am I right?" Marcia showed an ironic smile and observed the look hidden underneath his cold appearance.

Patrick narrowed his eyes and then waved his hand. Some of his men walked over and surrounded Marcia. "Marcia, this is your last warning! If you dare to bother me one more time, I will make you eat a bullet! That's my final warning!"

Marcia suddenly burst out into laughter. She shouted out loud despite Patrick's gang of guards surrounding her, "Patrick! You're always talking about all of the troubles I've caused you. How about I send you a gift tomorrow? It's a big one!"

"I don't care about your damn gift. Now, get your ass out of here!" Patrick said impatiently. Then he took the shotgun and shot beside her feet, forcing her to step back.

He would have killed this woman if it weren't for the fact that he didn't want more troubles. All he wanted, was peace in S Gate, which was the initial reason why he had moved there.

"No! You'll like it."

Marcia then stepped back and turned around to leave. A mysterious smile appeared on her lips.

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