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   Chapter 557 In The LH Island

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Rachel and Celine left to the LH Island the next day. Hiram was worried about their safety, so he instructed Carl and two bodyguards to go along and protect them.

Rachel didn't want other men to come with them. But Hiram wouldn't permit her to disperse without the protection of Carl and the bodyguards.

She had no other choices but to make a compromise.

She had selected the LH Island because it was within fair distance. So she could rest herself without having to travel to a remote place. The scenery was enthralling and the weather was pleasant in the LH Island throughout the year. The island, which exhibited green mountains and crystal-clear waters, was just like a paradise.

Rachel had spent a lot of time researching on the internet and the travel guide to get an insight into this island.

The part she was most appeased about this island was that it was in good order. She had visualized that she would go there only with Celine, so she had considered their safety as the top priority.

But she never anticipated that three men would escort them when they hung out.

"It is so beautiful! Rachel, see there! The lake here is so awesome."

Celine had attired herself in a beautiful skirt. She pointed at the lake ahead and shouted excitedly, "It's not the ocean, but it's as alluring as the ocean!"

Rachel looked over and saw the vast and clear lake reflecting the white clouds and the blue sky. It was so attractive that she fell in love with this place at first sight.

"Rachel, you have walked for a long time. Maybe you should take some rest," Carl reminded Rachel.

Hiram had told him that Rachel was conceived and instructed him to take good care of her all the time. Now Rachel had walked for a long time, he felt it was important to remind her to take a rest.

"Alright. There's a coffee shop ahead. Let's get inside to take a rest." Rachel said and retracted her sight from the vast lake.

Celine was taking selfies with a selfie stick. She suddenly called Rachel and said, "Rachel, let's take a snap together! Carl, could you please take a snap for us?"

The image would look better if taken by others.

Rachel smiled and neared Celine. They stood together and posed for the camera. Rachel was attired in a pure white shirt, a pair of jeans, and sporting shoes.

She looked as

s the LH Island into two parts. It is a heaven in this part, but on the contrary..."

Carl paused and said, "All in all, it's their principle that they won't steal from tourists or rob them. But Rachel, you are different from other tourists. So you have to be cautious here."

Not many people knew there was a place named S Gate. If he hadn't investigated about the LH Island before, he wouldn't have explored this place either.

It was like a dual sword. Where there was light, there was a shadow. There was something unique about the S Gate, so the local government turned a blind eye to it.

"I'm more eager now. You said that they don't blemish tourists, so we have nothing to fear," Rachel said with a smile. She focussed her thought on having a walk outside.

But she was also curious about the S Gate and wanted to go there more after hearing Carl's explanation.

She was known for her curiosity.

"Rachel, I also want to go there and see how this S Gate looks like," Celine said curiously.

"But, but..." Seeing Rachel and Celine's inquisitiveness to visit the S Gate, Carl hastened to say, "Rachel, Celine, you would better not go there!"

"Why not? Now that we have come here, and this place is so obscure according to your explanation. Hence, we just want to see how it appears from the outside." Rachel then took Celine's hand and walked towards the door.

Seeing that, Carl raised up and blocked their way, hastily. He said, "If you insist to go there, I have to inform Hiram. If he concedes to it, I won't stop you."

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