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   Chapter 556 What An Unpredictable Woman

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"Mom! Please don't!"

Rachel stood up immediately and shouted from behind when she realized what Fannie was about to do.

Her heart sank as she heard the tell tale ringing of the dial tone. Things were complicated as it was. And it would only make it worse if Hiram's parents found out that she was pregnant again.

Fannie remained deaf to her pleading. Her mother's voice was drowned out as her thoughts raced in her head.

That evening, Gavin and Joanna visited Rachel at the Tulip Palace. She had expected the visit, but she couldn't stop the stiff atmosphere that enveloped the room upon their arrival.

The silence was heavy as the five of them sat in front of one another - Fannie, Rachel, Hiram, and his parents. It was Hiram who broke the silence first.

"Mom and Dad, I don't mean to be rude, but please leave us alone. This is an issue between Rachel and I as husband and wife. You are not involved in this matter," he said coldly, his voice slicing sharply in the tense air.

Hiram was very much aware of his parents' feelings about the matter. Gavin and Joanna doted on their grandchildren, and needless to say, another one would make them ecstatic. In their mind, the more children, the more blessings. But he had a different opinion about these things.

"Son, please!" Joanna begged him, with pleading eyes.

Hiram held her gaze with a stone-cold expression and remained silent. Seeing this, she shook her head and tried to coax him. "Hiram, this is a life we are talking about. Please think it over and over again before you make any decision," she said in a strained voice and looked at Rachel next, "You need to respect Rachel's decision as well. She is the mother of the child!"

Gavin spoke next, his voice laced with distress. "Son, it is always a good thing to have more children. It is the reason why our family has remained strong throughout the generations. If Rachel can give birth to another baby, it must be with the blessings from our ancestors. Please think about it!" he said.

"Right, Hiram! Your father has a point. You should let Rachel have the child!" Joanna echoed. "Please listen to us this time. Just the thought of you thinking of things this way breaks our hearts," Joanna continued as her eyelids trembled with tears, "Son, this would be the last time. We won't interfere in your life again in the future! But please think this over more carefully."

Fannie heaved a helpless sigh as she looked at Hiram's face. There was finality drawn all over his features. She turned to her in-laws and said, "Joanna, let's give them some time to think. We can take a horse to water but we cannot make it drink, right? I am not really for his decision, this is something that they have to decide for themselves."

Rachel kept silent on her seat. She hadn't uttered a single word throughout the exchange.

Her own mother and Hiram's parents supported her decision, and she felt that it was quite unnecessary for her to argue again. If she also had joined them just now, it would have looked like her husband was going against all four of them alone. Thus, she wisely kept her silence and let the others talk.

Time passed by in a strained silence, Joanna and Gavin had left. Fannie had taken Jonny and Joyce to their room to sleep.

When everyone had been gone, there were only Hiram and Rachel left. On any other day, their presence around each other would be comforting. But all a sudden, it was as if the house seemed so empty and the distance between two seats was very far.

Rachel buried herself deep in the soft sofa silently, her hands around a cup of honey water.

The only sound in the room was the rhythmic ticking of the clock. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she stood up and faced Hiram saying, "Hiram, the reason you don't want this baby is only because you're reluctant to let me go through the pregnancy and the delivery again, is that right? Is it really all you're thinking

The years would not wait for them, and Hiram wanted to give Rachel the best life possible.

He knew that Rachel didn't understand what he was thinking, but he was determined to show her, if not with words, then with actions.

"Honey…" he whispered and kissed her behind her ear, tightening his arms around her, "I love you. You own my entire being. I … I admit that I was jealous. I'll go insane if other men touch you or even think of you. Yes, I may have hurt you for my desire to possess you…

But my heart will never change. I am yours, completely."

Rachel's heart began hammering in her chest and she felt his words washing over their earlier conflict. She loved this man, but she was not backing down from her decision, even if it hurt them both.

"I don't make promises, because I have always believed that actions speak louder than words. A man's words are nothing if they are left as words," he continued. Rachel was getting lost in the rhythm of his voice. She blinked back her tears and listened to him as he continued to speak. "But now, I want to promise you, I will give you all my love. I would give you the entire world if I could, and I will never love anyone else in this lifetime."

With tears in her eyes, Rachel took a deep breath and yielded to the warmth of his arms. She rested her head against his and caressed his face with her fingertips. "Hiram, I have never ever doubted your love for me. And I wish you never doubt mine for you," she murmured, "I don't want anyone else, and even if other men try to come near me, nothing will ever be enough to change my feelings. I chose you, and we have promised to share our lives. I will keep that promise until the end of my life."

Hiram rubbed his head against hers. He ran his fingers through her hair and turned her head around, looking deep into her eyes, wishing that she would see how much she was reflected in his every waking second. Then, he bent down to her lips. Rachel closed her eyes and felt his breath hover over her for a second before his lips descended to hers for a lingering kiss.

When they pulled away, Hiram said, "Honey, I hope you can consider what I told you, and give me a reply when you come back. I hope you can agree with me …" he said, framing her face with his hands.

Rachel closed her eyes as she felt herself pulled back to the reality that he had not changed his mind. It brought a pang to her chest. She pulled away, kicked him with her knee, and turned to go outside of the room, leaving him in the cold silence.

Hiram let out a deep breath and watched as she walked out of the room, 'What an unpredictable woman!'

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