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   Chapter 555 He Didn't Want The Baby

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"I'm not going to the hospital!" Rachel protested when Hiram got back, looking at him directly in the eyes to show that she was not going to give in.

What if he didn't want this baby and made her stay in the hospital for an abortion?

"Stop being so stubborn," Hiram said. He looked at her stomach and added softly, "If you really are pregnant, then it's best to have an abortion as soon as possible so it's safer for you. Listen to me, honey, we need to go to the hospital."

Rachel sat motionlessly on the sofa with one hand caressing her belly. She asked, "Why do I need to have an abortion?"

She remembered how happy he was when he first found out that she was pregnant with Joyce and Jonny. She didn't understand why he was acting this way. Suddenly, a horrible thought occurred to her.

"Wait. You're not worried that you're not the father, are you?" Rachel asked, looking at Hiram with hurt in her eyes. If he really thought so, she didn't think she would ever get over the pain and humiliation.

Hiram watched Rachel touch her belly lovingly and stepped forward, reaching out his hand towards her. He said gently, "Honey, listen to me. We're going to the hospital to see if you're really pregnant or not. When we know for sure then we'll discuss further."


"Would you like to walk or do you want me to carry you?"

Hiram asked, already bending down to pick Rachel up. Before he could do so, she got to her feet on her own and looked at him resolutely. "Very well, I will go. But you have to promise me that we're only going for an examination. You can't force me to have an abortion."

Rachel was determined not to have an abortion. Her heart was already swelling with love just imagining the baby who could be as adorable as Joyce and Jonny. How could she give up the opportunity to experience it all over again?

"Let's go." Hiram avoided her request and led her out, holding her hand.

As promised, Rachel had an examination at the hospital while Hiram waited outside with his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

The doctor's verdict was in. Rachel had been pregnant for more than a month.

Hiram took the sheet from Rachel's hand and looked at the result. Rachel had been pregnant before, so he already knew a few things about pregnancy. Hiram thought for a minute and took out his phone to make a call.

"Hey, I need a favour. Help me arrange an abortion for Rachel."

Hearing his words, Rachel immediately rushed over and snatched his phone away. She ended the call and demanded, "What do you think you're doing? Aren't you happy that Joyce and Jonny are going to have a little brother or sister?

Why do you insist on getting rid of it? Listen. The baby is in my tummy. The decision should be mine to make!"

Hiram frowned and pulled Rachel into his arms. He told her, "But honey, we already have Joyce and Jonny. Those two beautiful children are already enough for me. I don't want to let another kid take up

chel and said with a smile, "Rachel my darling, you're pregnant again, aren't you?"

Rachel scratched her head, not knowing what to tell Fannie. If Hiram insisted on making her get an abortion, she couldn't do anything about it.

She couldn't just run away for a while and returned after having the baby.

"I've been wondering and also quite worried why you kept complaining about discomfort in your tummy. Well, now I know why!" Fannie beamed happily. Noticing Rachel's hesitance, Fannie told the children, "Joyce, Jonny, go wash your hands.

Hurry! It's time to have fruits!" Joyce got up and raced to the washroom, with Jonny not far behind her.

Fannie sat next to Rachel. She held her daughter's hand and asked, "Rachel dear, tell me, are you pregnant?"

Rachel kept quiet and looked down, but her hand unconsciously went to her tummy protectively.

"What's wrong? It's a good thing! Don't be shy, you can tell your mother," Fannie smiled at her daughter, thinking she was embarrassed, "Hiram's the only child of your mother-in-law. If you give her another grandchild, she'll definitely be happy. What are you worried about?"

Rachel heaved a sigh and told Fannie dejectedly, "I know. But Hiram doesn't want this baby.

He says that we already have Joyce and Jonny. Another child would mean even more responsibilities and burdens. So... He wants me to have an abortion."

Fannie stiffened in shock. Then she said, "It's true that you'll have more responsibilities if you have one more kid. But you're already pregnant! It would be a shame if you get rid of this child.

How about this? I'll whisper to Hiram's parents and inform them of your pregnancy. I doubt that they'll let Hiram go ahead with the abortion!

Yes, I believe I'll do that."

Fannie nodded to herself, not even waiting for Rachel's response.

She was confident that Joanna and Gavin would stop Hiram and allow Rachel to keep the baby.

After all, this was their grandchild too!

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