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   Chapter 554 Is The Baby Mine

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Hiram asked as he walked towards Rachel, frowning with concern after seeing that she was not feeling well. He patted her on the back and said, "Is it because you ate so quickly just now? What was the rush since the food was all yours?"

Rachel vomited again and grabbed pieces of tissue to wipe her mouth. Then, she pushed Hiram away and said, "Leave me alone! I don't want to see you right now!"

"You don't want to see me? Then, who do you want to see?" Hiram asked with his eyebrows arched, holding her in front of him, "Rachel, you are mine. Remember that! Without my permission, no man is allowed to touch any part of you."

Rachel pushed him away and said angrily, "Okay, I'm not allowed to lay my hands on any other man. Then, why do you have the right to touch and hug other women?"

Hiram smiled and said, "I see. You're just jealous. So, you walked into the water on purpose today, just to get my attention!

Rachel, when did you learn to do that?"

Rachel was speechless. She pushed Hiram away from the door of the restroom and then walked outside.

"Whatever mischief you may get up to next time, don't you ever do such a stupid thing like that again!" said Hiram, walking out of the restroom behind her.

She had flung herself onto the bed and was about to cover herself with the quilt when she saw that Hiram had followed her. She immediately got out of bed and walked over to the wardrobe to get another quilt for him.

"What are you doing?" Hiram asked, after seeing Rachel rearrange the two quilts, one on the left side and the other on the right.

Instead of answering, Rachel tucked herself into the right side of the bed.

Hiram raised his eyebrows and walked over to his side of the bed. Then, he rolled up the quilt and tossed it onto the sofa. "What? You want to use separate quilts?" he said, tugging at her quilt, and then reprimanded, "Rachel, how dare you!"

Rachel pulled the quilt to cover her head and said, "Hiram, just leave me alone today, okay?"

Her words were drowned in the cold feeling that enveloped her when she realised that she had been deprived of the warm quilt. Seconds later, she found her body imprisoned in the arms of Hiram, who then whispered to her, "It's up to me - I want you now!"

"Aaah!" Rachel shrieked in pain as Hiram impaled himself in between her legs. She could feel him deep insid

ments after Rachel finished her words.

"That's impossible! Except for the safe period, I always remember to use a condom when we have sex. It is impossible that you could get pregnant!" Hiram said confidently.

"But, the safe period doesn't mean it is 100 percent safe! What do you mean? If I really get pregnant, will you say that the child does not belong to you?" Rachel asked angrily.

Hiram stopped for a while and said, "It's hard to say! Nothing ever happened before, and how could it happen now?

"Wait a minute...! What? Are you pregnant?"

Hiram asked in a low voice, suddenly seeing the true meaning behind her words.

Rachel was speechless. Of course, the true meaning of her words was that she was pregnant. Why would she say such words to him if they weren't true?

Before Rachel could say anything, Hiram's voice on the other end of the line said, "If you are really pregnant, I will take you to the hospital tomorrow. I have told you before that I am satisfied with just Jonny and Joyce. I am not looking to have another baby."

Rachel, whose heart had soared at hearing the first part of his sentence, dove down upon hearing his complete sentence. She shouted back, "What did you say? Why don't you want this baby?"

Hiram stopped for a while, took a deep calming breath and said, "Fine, I will come back home immediately. Then, we will go to the hospital to confirm it."

Hearing his words, Rachel slammed the phone down on the table in anger.

She had not expected Hiram to come early. But to her amazement, he reached home in thirty minutes.

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