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   Chapter 553 His Words Contradicted His Thoughts

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Chad was dumbfounded for a few seconds. He had thought that Hiram came to see Flora privately tonight without informing Rachel. But it was obvious that Hiram was carrying Rachel in his arms now.

He wondered why Rachel was here, what she had planned to do, and was she trying to catch Hiram blatantly?

"Don't just stand there! Open the door for me!" Hiram said and pitched a harsh look at him.

Chad blurted out a yes and opened the door hastily.

Hiram put Rachel on the back seat and got in after her. Later he lowered the window and said, "I left my coat in the Warm Spring Boat. Go and fetch it for me now, Chad."

All his concentration was on Rachel just now and he forgot to take his coat with him.

Chad nodded to him before turning around and walked inside.

"What are you doing …" Rachel muttered

as she pulled her pants firmly. But Hiram seized her hands, unbuttoned her pants and removed them aggressively.

"I'm helping you to get rid off your wet pants! Don't you feel distressed in a pair of wet pants? And are you going to wear them all the way home?" Hiram sneered. He collected them and was about to throw them out of the window, but Rachel obstructed him.

"No! Please don't! There is something in the pockets!" she explained.

Hiram then left them aside under the seats. He grabbed the blanket he kept in the car, and concealed her legs.

As he reached her shining knees, her skinny legs and her adorable jade-like feet, he gasped and gazed at them with longing eyes. He heaved a sigh and covered her quickly with the blanket.

As usual, a languid gesture of her induced him immediately.

A few minutes later, Chad had returned. He entered the car and casted Hiram's coat to him.

Hiram collected the coat and covered it on Rachel's legs as he said to Chad, "Let's get back to Tulip Palace now."

"Wait a minute!" Rachel interrupted. She concentrated on Hiram just now and totally forgot her colleagues, who she had come with to have dinner tonight. She thought it would be impudent to leave them like this without biding goodbye.

"Do you have any other plans later? Or do you want to bid good bye to him? Come on! He is not blind and he must have seen that you left with me!" Hiram sneered and looked at her. If eyes could murder, she would have died more than once.

"No, you misunderstood what I said! Celine and my other colleagues are inside now. I need to inform them before I …" Rachel explained seriously.

Before she could finish uttering her words, Hiram interrupted and said to Chad, who had placed his hands on the steering wheel, "Chad, please go and inform Celine that we are leaving home now. And, pay for their dinner on behalf of me."

Then, Chad went off again, went inside and returned instantly.

"I have informed Celine, Hiram. But Mr. Ren has sponso

remember that you left her alone in the boat and reached me? I'm afraid that she has noticed that you kissed me too, and I bet she must be agitated now!" Rachel said slowly and casted a sideway glance at him.

She said that intentionally. Since his words contradicted his thoughts, she could do the same.

If Hiram was unconcerned about her, then he wouldn't have rushed to her the moment he saw her soaking in the lake.

He thought he could aggravate her by telling lies, but his plan fell through.

At the same moment, Fannie knocked the door and entered with a tray.

"Rachel, Hiram! Please come and sit here! I brought you some porridge," she said and placed the tray on the table.

Rachel wore a pleasing smile and said, "Okay, thank you, Mom! I'm coming!" She tried to make herself look casual.

"Don't you ever say thank you to your own mom! Hurry up! Eat it while it's hot. Don't bother to bring the tray downstairs, and I will collect it tomorrow morning!" Fannie gave them a quick look and left the room.

Rachel raised from the bed and changed to her night gown before she sat at the table to eat. She didn't ask Hiram to join her as if he was absent in that space.

Flora was such a great chef, and she believed that he had been well served.

"What are you doing? My mom prepared all those for me. If you feel like eating, please ask Flora to cook for you!" she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes at Hiram, who sat down opposite to her and grasped a pair of chopsticks in his hands.

Hiram was reluctant to respond to her as he was too busy devouring the foods himself.

Rachel stared at him and kept tasting the dishes he put his chopsticks on.

After a while, she suddenly felt overloaded and got a stomach ache. She thought maybe because she was eating hastily. Dropping her chopsticks on the table, she rushed to the bathroom immediately.

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