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   Chapter 552 Rachel Walked Into The Cold Water

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"Hiram, what's wrong?" Flora asked when she noticed a sudden change of mood on Hiram's expression. She then looked around to discern what had caused such behavior on Hiram. Then as her gaze was caught by the bustling crowd on the other boat she caught sight of Marcus.

She assumed that the sight of Marcus made Hiram unhappy.

"Hiram, Marcus is my friend, and that's why he's here. You won't mind, will you?"

Hiram retracted his sight and found the delicious foods in front of him pall on him.

He attended Flora's party because he wanted to give Rachel some space while she was alone at home. He didn't expect to see her here having fun with another man. And not just any other man but it was Marcus who was with her. This fueled Hiram's rage.

"You don't like the food? Anything special you want to eat? I'll go and prepare it for you," Flora offered after seeing Hiram's lack of appetite. She stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

Hiram, however, halted her immediately by grabbing her waist. He said, "No, don't bother. The food is great."

"But you don't like them. You're my guest, I want you to have fun. I don't want to waste your time coming here and not enjoying even just the foods," Flora stated and insisted to cook some dishes for him.

Flora attempted to go but Hiram held her tight with no plans of letting her go. Flora loved the way Hiram held her so she moved closer pressing her body to his with an intimate yearning in her eyes.

Hiram was distracted, so he neither pushed her away nor let go of her. Instead, he pulled her closer so that she would not fall.

Flora was thrilled and her heart was beating fast. She loved this moment. She looked Hiram straight in his eyes, moved her arm to the back of his head, gave his hair a slight clutch and motioned to kiss him...

"Hiram, I'm sorry. I was just carried away."

But unluckily, the scene staged by Flora and Hiram was all witnessed by Rachel. She held her breath and never dared blink her eyes. She'd seen Hiram earlier and known that their paths might cross, so she couldn't help but glance in Hiram's direction from time to time.

The moment she saw how Hiram held Flora in his arms, and the way Flora gazed back at him, she clenched the chopsticks in her hands strong enough to break them. What she just saw was so devastating that it made her feel numb and shattered at the same time.

Rachel stood up abruptly.

"Excuse me for a while, I need some fresh air," Rachel said as she excused herself and went outside.

She needed to breathe in some fresh air, and the chilly wind could calm her down. She walked to the pond and squatted down, never minding her trousers getting wet. Tears were falling from h

water and looked at him, hoping that the penetrating chill of the water could calm their uncontrolled emotions.

Hiram looked into Rachel's eyes silently. They were glistening with tears and they looked so beautiful. Hatred, mixed with passion, stirred violently in his heart.


In a swift moment, Hiram raised Rachel's chin and bent over to kiss her. His cold lips were pressed against Rachel's. The kiss was deep and warm, unleashing his mixed feelings for her.

Rachel closed her eyes and accepted the kiss. She let it happen, she submitted herself to Hiram.

The dim lights and the curved moon hanging in the sky cast a dreamy mist on Hiram and Rachel who were kissing. Two persons sharing their love not minding the world around them.

It seemed that nothing could part them, and their love would last forever like a fairy tale ending happily ever after.

Marcus couldn't take his eyes away from them. He let out a bitter smile. He knew that Hiram was doing that on purpose to show him that Rachel belonged to him.

To let him realize that there's no room for his feelings for Rachel.

He turned around and walked towards the Jasper Lake Boat. It was his signal. It was time for him to take Unna home.

In the Warm Spring Boat, Flora was also watching Hiram and Rachel kissing. Cold tears trickled down her cheeks and her heart was wrecked at the sight.

"I hate you! I hate you! You bitch!" She cursed while pounding the table by her clenched fist.

After the passionate kiss, they stared at each other amidst the silence. Then he bent over to carry her in his arms and walked towards the dry ground.

"Are you okay now? Are you still cold?" Hiram asked Rachel. His voice was soft and soothing. He didn't put her down, but carried her all the way out of the Time Restaurant.

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