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   Chapter 551 Another Wave Of Troubles

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The furniture that adorned the Warm Spring Boat and the Jasper Lake Boat were the best. The tableware was also brand new, made in the honour of the guests eating there.

The two boats stood still in the lake and faced each other from a distance.

Unna was occupying a window and marvelling at the sights outside. Suddenly, she shouted,"Daddy, look! Isn't that Aunt Rachel's husband? He has also been invited here tonight!"

Marcus came over to the window to join her. He saw Hiram cross the small bridge and nodded with a smile,"Right, it's him."

"Aunt Flora is escorting him herself! She looks ridiculously happy! It's like her whole body is smiling! I know! This must mean that she has a crush on Mr. Rong! Am I right, Daddy?" Unna exclaimed, grinning. She was old enough and familiar with the ways of the world.

"Darling, it's her own private business! Please don't waste your time thinking about other people's matters. Come here and take a seat," Marcus replied and shook his head, both at Unna and Flora.

Unna pursed her lips and complained,"You know I'm not a little kid anymore! The world of adults is so complicated, Daddy! Isn't it wonderful for everything to just be simple?"

She had known that her father was in love with Aunt Rachel and now discovered that Aunt Flora was deeply in love with Mr. Rong. It seemed that everyone had a difficult scripture to recite.

But Unna was still too young to learn that the adults' world was even more complicated than she could imagine.

In the box downstairs, Rachel and her colleagues were waiting for their dishes to be served.

Celine began to get impatient. She spoke disapprovingly,"I don't believe a single word they said. It was clear that they left it for some important honchos! It is the 21st century, but why does this so-called 'social ladder' still exist? Even if we're the ordinary working class, why can't we pay for a fancy dinner ourselves?"

"Relax, my dear friend! It's just a dinner! I believe the dishes taste the same no matter where we sit," Rachel comforted her. Since there was not much of a difference, it was not a big deal.

"Of course there is a difference, boss! It's a symbol of our identity, don't you know? People with power and wealth are treated with respect everywhere! Didn't you see the cars parked outside just now? The parking lot is full of all kinds of luxury cars!" Celine said, feeling indignant at the injustice,"I should have borrowed one of your Ferraris before we got here!

At least, we could have maintained an outward show, and then the waiters here wouldn't look down upon us!"

Rachel cradled her tea in her hands and took a sip. Then she looked at Celine and asked with a teasing smile,"Why a

were not that far apart, and the noises reached the other boat.

"Hiram, this is steamed swallow-tail fish, and it's a newly developed dish. Please try it..." Flora said as she took a plate and set it down in front of him.

"That's enough. No more dishes," Hiram said to her. He took some fish with his chopsticks and put into his mouth. "Great! It seems that you have polished your cooking skills," praised Hiram

Flora took the seat opposite him and smiled widely at his words,"Hiram, please cheer up! It's a rare treat to have you here tonight. Let's forget about all the annoying things and enjoy our dinner together. Please have a glass of wine! Let's toast to your health!" Flora took a glass of wine and passed it to him.

Hiram hesitated for a second before taking the glass from her.

"I know what is on your mind now, Hiram! Please relax, and I will never do it again! I promise!" Flora joked as if she knew what he was thinking. She then poured another glass for herself.

Hiram let out a light laugh and sipped the wine,"It is a full-bodied wine with a velvet taste and an excellent flavour. Bravo!"

Hearing his praise, Flora's smile became bigger. She took her glass and drank her wine in one gulp.

"Thank you, Hiram! I really appreciate you coming over tonight. I'm so happy to see you here!" she added.

Hiram also raised his glass but was interrupted by the cheerful voices from the open window of the opposite boat. He turned his head to look at it.

From the open window, he first saw Marcus and then the familiar figure of his wife, who sat next to him.

His smile froze immediately, his bright eyes dimed and he gripped his glass tighter.

It was the first time that Rachel had left the house. And she left the house to have dinner with the man Hiram despised the most.

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