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   Chapter 550 Go To The Small Party

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Rachel wished that she would just vanish that moment. She desperately needed freedom from all of these. With her anger brewing up, she pushed Marcus aside and picked one of the Barbie dolls from the shelf. Briskly walking to the counter to check out the toys, then she noticed Unna. She was looking at the array of stuffed toys.

"Hello, Aunt Rachel, those are nice dolls."

Unna greeted her with a smile as she put a toy bear on her cart.

Rachel nodded and managed a forced smile. After having paid for the toys, she walked out of the store.

Seeing her disappear through the crowd outside the store, Marcus was held momentarily frozen as he kept searching for answers on his mind. 'What did she mean by saying that? In my art studio?

'She meant... that Hiram has already known what had happened in my art studio?' he thought silently.

"Dad, shall we go?" Unna shouted at him, gesturing him to come to the counter to pay for the toys.

Unna's voice brought Marcus back to reality. He walked over to the counter and handed Unna his card to pay for the toys.

As they walked out of the toy store, Marcus was absent-minded. He could sense that there was something wrong with Rachel. It was only him and Rachel in the art studio that day. Nobody else was there. He was so sure that what happened that day would be a secret to the grave. 'Judging from her words, I'm sure that she didn't tell Hiram what had happened. So who did?

And whoever it was, how did he know what had happened in my art studio?' These were the questions in Marcus's head.

"Marcus? Are you free tonight? Meet me at my new restaurant I'll cook something special for you tonight." These were Flora's words as Marcus answered her call.

"Oh…," Marcus replied. He glanced at Unna, who was walking beside him. After hesitating for a few seconds, he asked,"Where's your restaurant? What time will the dinner be?"

He had planned to have dinner with Unna tonight. Flora's invitation was timely.

"Yes, my restaurant is in the same old place. Remember to take Unna with you! See you." Flora said pleasantly.

Fannie was walking with Rachel through the aisle of the shopping mall. She bought her a set of new clothes. After they went out of the shopping mall, Rachel checked the time and it was still early. So she had Carl send Fannie home and she went to her company.

"Rachel, you arrived just in time! We're planning to have a small party in a new restaurant. It will be fun if you join us."

Celine greeted Rachel as she walked by her office. She knew that the party would be perfect with Rachel around.

Rachel walked around the bookshelves sluggishly. "I'm sorry. I'll let it pass. I don't want to go outside. You guys go and enjoy. I just want to go home early to have a good night's rest." Rachel imparted, her voice lifeless.


l were out of the view, Flora walked into the new restaurant with Marcus and Unna. "Marcus, I've prepared a good set up for you and Unna. I made use of two boats as annexes to my restaurant. This one's the first and the other one is over there. I've prepared seats in this boat for you."

"Aunt Flora, the other boat looks magnificent. Are there special guests on that boat?" Unna looked at the Warm Spring Boat and asked out of curiosity.

Flora paused for a second, then smiled and said,"Yes my dear, a very important guest will have dinner there tonight. Come here, Unna, I'll take you up the boat."

"Flora, don't bother. I know you're busy. You have some guests to attend to. We'll be fine. Unna and I can manage." As he spoke, Marcus held his daughter's arm and walked inside.

With Unna and Marcus inside, Flora glanced at her watch, then walked outside the door and looked towards the entrance's direction with hope.

After about half an hour, a black Maybach finally arrived.

When she saw the car, Flora smoothed her hair and walked towards the car with a smile. "There you are! I'm glad you came," she greeted.

Chad had already opened the door. A tall figure in a dark blue suit got off the car. He walked towards her calmly and said,"You've called three times. You're so persistent. How can I say no?"

Flora smiled mildly. She strolled into the restaurant with him. "I thought you can't make it. I would be annoyed if you didn't show up. I've called three times, and I can even make it thirty or fifty if you'd like!" she chuckled.

"Kitty!" Flora called up her assistant,"Clean up the Warm Spring Boat again. Make sure that it is perfectly clean!"

"Okay, Flora, I'll handle it!"

Kitty hurried to the stock room and picked some cleaning tools. She had been cleaning the boat for the third time this night. She couldn't just help but follow Flora's orders.

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