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   Chapter 549 Hiram Had Trouble With Rachel

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Rachel was bellowing in tears. She desperately wanted him to stop, as she folded her arms across her chest covering her nudity. She didn't dare look at Hiram's eyes.

But her actions infuriated Hiram even more.

"Why are you covering your body? I'm your husband. What are you so ashamed of? Or you don't want me to see it so you could show it to your lover?" Hiram pulled her hands forcibly off her body with his eyes red with anger. He grabbed Rachel by the hair and forced her to face him. He wanted to have a clear view of her expressions.

At that moment, Hiram was so crossed. He acted as an animal snatched out of his prey. His body was trembling with anger at the thought that his much-loved wife cheated on him. Hiram couldn't contain his rage.

He was so angry that he forwent tenderness and laid his hands on Rachel. He was not the usual gentle Hiram.

Hiram forced Rachel to make love with him. The lovemaking was out of anger. The warmth and passion were lost and both of them were not satisfied. It was more like a rape for Rachel.

Rachel bit her lips in pain and closed her eyes tightly, tears trickling down her cheeks.

She didn't dare to make a sound for she knew that her pleadings would just fuel his lust.

The moment Hiram dozed off to sleep, Rachel got up from bed to take a shower. She let the warm water slide her face to drown her tears. She couldn't stop herself from crying.

She didn't go back to Hiram's side after her shower. Instead, she went to Joyce's bedroom and slept with her.

At around six o'clock in the morning, Rachel was still asleep when she was suddenly lifted from the bed. When she opened her eyes, she saw Hiram carrying her out of the room.

Rachel wanted to resist but just froze for she didn't want to wake up Joyce. The moment Hiram was about to lay her on the bed, she immediately asked, "Hiram, what do you think you are doing?"

Hiram instead of slowly laying her down threw her on to the bed and let out a snort. He said, "What do you expect? Remember, your mother is living with us. She'll wake Joyce up later. What will she think if she sees you at Joyce's bedroom? I can't afford any drama."

Hearing what Hiram had said, Rachel opened her mouth but didn't say anything.

"Stay at home. Don't try to escape through the windows to go out, otherwise, you'll regret doing that." He warned Rachel.

Then Hiram left to get himself ready for work.

Rachel was deprived of freedom the following days. She was like a bird with broken wings.

Although Hiram had threatened to ground her in the past, he had never done so. But this time, she couldn't even go to the office or pick up Jonny and Joyce. She couldn't go anywhere and she was beginning to hate the idea.

From that day on, whenever Hiram was home, he would force Rachel to have sex with hi

could buy for Joyce and Jonny. They would be delighted to have new toys.

She walked around in the store and stopped on the display of toys for boys. She took a transformer car and had a close look at it, remembering that Jonny had said he wanted a transformer car to play with.

She was about to pay for it when she noticed a man standing by the aisle. He was looking at her. It was Marcus.

"It's been a long time since the last time I saw you. You looked thinner and paler than before." Marcus said as he walked towards Rachel. Marcus stretched his arm, blocking Rachel's way. His eyes were moving from Rachel's head down to her feet, "Did Hiram abuse you?" he asked.

"Mr. Ren, you've caused me enough troubles. Could you pretend you don't see me the next time?" Rachel gave him an angry gaze before walking towards the exit with the transformer in her hand.

Marcus ran after her and grabbed her arm. Realizing that he grasped her arm too much, he loosened his grip and whispered in a hideous voice, "I guess he must have been abusing you these days because of me."

She sneered and turned her head aside to look at the Barbie dolls on the shelf opposite her.

"Why do you bother asking when you already know the answer?"

After saying that, Rachel was going to leave, but she couldn't move an inch. Her strength was no match to Marcus'. He put his hands on her shoulder and asked, "What do you mean? Are you talking about what happened in the south suburb?" He was confused.

"Mr. Ren, stop pretending like you don't know anything." Rachel stepped back quickly to break free from his grip. She uttered, "If you hadn't told him about what happened in the painting room, he wouldn't have..."

Rachel suddenly stopped talking and let out a lament. She didn't want to talk about it anymore for she knew that reminiscing the memory would bring her nothing but agony.

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