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   Chapter 548 A Man In Towering Rage

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Rachel drew up a plan in her head.

She told Fannie that she had a date with Hiram. Since Fannie didn't know what happened between Rachel and Hiram, she simply asked her to be careful on the way.

Then Rachel sneaked off to the storage room on the first floor.

Tying her hair with a black rubber band, she took a deep breath. Rachel moved a box under the window, and climbed out of the window by stepping on it.

After escaping the house, Rachel shut the window from the outside and proceeded furtively towards the back door.

Although she had been careful enough, Snowball still heard her and ran over to tug at the bottom of her trousers.

"Snowball, step aside," instructed Rachel in a low voice, and picked up the dog to set him aside. However, Snowball simply ran over to her again just as she was about to leave.

Rachel was Snowball's favourite, so the little dog was determined to follow her wherever she went.

Rachel made the 'shh' sign and said, "If you want to follow me, you have to be quiet!"

Rachel had no choice but to take Snowball with her.

After going out, she took a taxi to the Streams Company with Snowball in her arms.

It was dark when they arrived. Rachel deposited Snowball on the first floor and went to the top floor to find Hiram.

Just as she exited the elevator, she ran into Ben, who was just leaving from work.

"Madam, Mr. Rong is not here. He left half an hour ago," said Ben. 'What happened between them? Hiram hadn't looked well all day.

He left as soon as Mrs. Rong arrived. Something must be wrong.

So, it looks like I will have a lot on my plate for the next few days, ' Ben thought in his mind.

"Do you know where he is now?" Rachel asked with a frown. 'Did he already leave?

He didn't come back to the Tulip Palace, nor was he at the company. Where would he go?' Rachel wondered.

"I don't know," said Ben shaking his head. "Mr. Rong didn't give me any details. I just know he drove out with Chad. Why don't you call Chad?"

She paused for only a second before dialling Chad's number. At least he would know the whereabouts of Hiram.

"Chad, are you with Hiram now?"

"Hi, Rachel. I already drove Hiram home. Didn't you see him?"

On hearing this, Rachel was too shocked to speak. Her mind was racing, 'I escaped from the window to find him and he w

u want to know how I know? Well, I have seen the evidence and it seems real. You really did kiss him without my knowledge." Looking at the woman under his body, Hiram sneered and continued, "How ignorant of me. The apple of my eye has kissed another man without my knowledge."

"Ah…" Rachel moaned in pain because Hiram held her hands in an unforgiving grip.

"Now I suspect that you may have even slept with him that night at the Hot Spring Palace," said Hiram in a cold voice. "If not, then why did you and Marcus become so close after that night?

He has even called you a few times and even met you at your office. And you, you went to his home more than once.

Rachel, did you ever think about me when you did such things?"

Rachel burst into tears, shaking her head wildly. Although she didn't know who had informed Hiram about the kiss, it certainly didn't matter anymore.

What mattered was that he already knew about the whole thing.

"Hiram, please, listen to me. It was Marcus who kissed me against my will. I tried to fight him off, but he was much stronger than me," said Rachel in between sobs.

She, now, understood why Hiram was so angry. It was not because Marcus had saved her, it was because of the kiss.

"So, why didn't you tell me? I can understand why you kept it from me because you were scared of my rage. But why did you keep meeting him from time to time?"

said Hiram. Then she heard the sound of cloth tearing. The next second, he had savagely ripped off Rachel's clothes.

"No! Stop! Hiram, stop, please."

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