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   Chapter 547 Climbing Through Windows To Meet Hiram

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"Miss Li? Mr. Rong is tied up now. Could you come at another time?"

Ben was trying to hold her back but he was failing.

Flora had already pushed the door, of the CEO office, wide open and walked inside, taking big strides.

Ben couldn't do anything but lower his head, he quietly stepped out of the office.

Flora was not surprised when she saw the photos scattered across the floor. She curved her lips maliciously and said, "Mr. Rong, I already told you that Rachel was dating Marcus behind your back, but you didn't believe me. So, here is the evidence. You can see it with your own eyes."

In order to get the evidence to prove that Rachel was secretly meeting Marcus, Flora had arranged for her men to be enlisted in the decor team hired by Rachel. She had put in a lot of effort to take these photos.

But her efforts hadn't gone to waste. What Marcus had done really surprised her.

Hiram was seated on the sofa. He raised his head slowly and looked into her eyes. Then he asked, "What did you do that for?"

Flora walked over and picked up a picture with good clarity. She smiled and repeated after him, "What did I do that for?" She chuckled and continued, "I did this to allow you to see the true colours of the woman you love, and to let you know that it was a mistake for you to reject me for such a shameless woman."

Hiram snorted in anger.

He got up from the sofa, produced a lighter and set the photo on fire. He said, "Even if that's true, what benefit can you get from this?"

Then he took the lighter and proceeded to set all the photos, on the ground, ablaze.

"Hiram, even though you didn't care about the time when Rachel slept with Marcus, how can you act so normal when they have crossed the boundary again? The photos show them hugging and kissing in Marcus's home. And you act as if nothing happened." Flora threw the photo in her hand into the fire.

She looked at Hiram with passion in her eyes and said, "He also ran into the burning building to save her, didn't he? Just give it a thought. If they both were just friends, why did Marcus save her without caring for his own life?"

It was not hard for Flora to know about everything that happened in H City. She had already known the incident in the southern suburb.

"Hiram, I just want you to know that I'm the one who has always supported you whole-heartedly from the beginning," Flora said and hugged Hiram from behind.

"I haven't slept with Adrian yet. I want you to know that I love you. Please try to accept me.

My love for you has never changed. I'm not mad at you even though you hate me, because I love y

ss. It's between me and Hiram." Rachel let out a snort, thinking he was being very vigilant.

Regardless of Rachel's unkind attitude, Marcus continued, "How could he do such a thing to you! You just escaped death. He should be taking good care of you instead of confining you at home."

Rachel didn't know what to say.

"Rachel, I guess he's suspicious of you and me because he saw me in the southern suburb, am I right? It seems your relationship is not as solid as I thought. It seems to have taken a hit."

said Marcus with feigned concern. Then he remembered the purpose of his call. In a very silky voice, he said. "By the way, I know Flora went by Hiram's company to meet him today.

I know Flora. She's not the kind of person who gives up easily. You'd better make up with Hiram. Men are likely to entertain women who treat them kindly when they're depressed.

Hiram's just an ordinary man. He couldn't be completely immune to a woman who loves him passionately with her whole heart."

Marcus paused for her response, but received none, and queried, "Are you listening to me?

I know you're unhappy. But he's your husband. You have to remain calm in situations like this. That's all I want to tell you. I have to go now."

Rachel put the phone on the table and thought about Marcus's words. Then she cast a glance at the bodyguards standing outside before running to the storage room downstairs. She opened the window and peeked outside.

It seemed likely that Hiram wouldn't come back home today.

Everything would work out as long as they met each other and talked about it. If they didn't talk to each other in person the misunderstanding might become more serious.

With that thought, Rachel resolved to go meet him.

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