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   Chapter 546 Hiram Doubted Rachel's Fidelity

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Seeing her husband, Rachel walked over briskly. "Let me have a look. How are your bruises?"

She navigated with her heels off the ground and reached out for his shoulder. But before she touched him, her wrist was grabbed by the man.

"You comforted him also in such an intimate tone when you met him just now?"

Hiram stared at Rachel with his dark eyes and asked her harshly while holding her skinny wrist tightly.

"Rachel, it seems that I have underestimated your relationship,"

Hiram said as he released her and walked towards the elevator.

It was critical when Hiram tried to save Rachel. So although he had some questions, he did not have time to contemplate about it.

Rachel muted for a moment, but immediately she rushed over. She directed herself to the elevator before the door shut. "Hiram, it's not like how you think."

Standing next to the button, Hiram pressed the 'B2'. Then he turned around and looked at Rachel.

"Not? If I didn't go there today, he would have been the one to save you. And then, you can have a better explanation to connect more closely, right?"

His harsh tone made Rachel feel like walking barefoot on an iceberg.

"No. It's not what you think. I went to see him only to ask him how he knew I was in the southern district." Rachel grasped Hiram's hands and looked at him emotionally.

"Then what did he say?" Hiram frowned and looked down at her.

Rachel heaved a sigh, trying to control her tears. "I met him at first in the Tulip Palace first. He perceived that something was wrong with me, so he followed me then..."

"Followed you? So your relationship has already reached the point where he can perceive that you are unhappy and follow you to see if you are doing alright, huh? Hiram hummed softly and closed his eyes slowly.

"Rachel, you deceived me..."

Hiram ripped her hands off and stopped looking at her.

Hearing that Rachel was at risk, he was dedicated to save

he Streams Company, Hiram was seated in the chair in his office.

He gazed at the photos thrown at the table, scowling.

Suddenly, he roared, and discarded all the stuffs on the table to the ground fiercely, including the computer along with the pile of files.

"Mr. Rong... Are you Okay?"

enquired Ben anxiously, as he stood at the entrance gate of the office. Hiram had stayed in the office for a day.

"Stay there!" Hiram shouted in a low voice. He took a deep breath, looking at the picture of two people kissing intimately, and his eyes were fuming in anger.

He had thought these photos were someone's hostile trick.

But his implacable heart was beating rapidly since the moment he saw Marcus's anguish to save Rachel in the fire.

He inspected the pictures and confirmed that they were not fake.

In those pictures, it was effortless to guess that there would be many portraits of Rachel in Marcus's studio.

Hiram sat on the sofa slowly with a hand on the head. He had never doubted Rachel's fidelity. But, with such a vivid evidence, and Marcus's strange concern for Rachel, he was left unconvinced.

He just could not convince himself to trust Rachel.

At that moment, again came Ben's anxious voice.

"I'm sorry. Mr. Rong is busy now. Please come some other time..."

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