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   Chapter 545 A Busybody

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Inside her private room at the hospital.

Rachel felt a little better now after the doctors treated her with some medicine to relieve her respiratory tract. She fainted from suffocation. Thank God she was rescued in time.


Celine, after knowing that Rachel was rushed to the hospital, came over immediately. She was overjoyed to see Rachel safe and sound. She hurried towards the bedside to give her friend a hug and said, "Rachel, why were you so stupid? Why did you do that? You shouldn't have risked your life to save me."

Rachel coughed with a smile and patted Celine's back to console her. "It's okay dear. I'm fine now. In fact, I'm the one who should apologize. I dragged you to this mess and you're in trouble because of me."

"Don't be a silly brat. We're best friends. What are friends for? I'm willing to be in trouble with you," Celine replied pulling herself up. "We should blame this all to that old bastard. The police and the investigators must double time to trap him. He will rot in jail and clench his teeth along the cold steel bars. That would be the only way to stop him from doing further harm,"

Celine said angrily as she loosened her grip on Rachel's hand. Zachary used her as a bait to frame up Rachel, and she had a clear picture of Zachary's face, from the wrinkle on the corner of his lips to the dark lines under his eyes. She couldn't forget the face of that devil.

"Rachel, I would be guilty for the rest of my life if something worst had happened to you, I would never forgive myself."

Rachel saw how guilty Celine was as she spoke to her, "Don't blame yourself. I'm perfectly fine. Alive and kicking. Stop worrying, dear. I'm lucky this time and you are my lucky charm."

"Stop saying that. What if God doesn't bless you next time? Ohhhh I can't imagine the life without you. Just get well soon girl, okay?" Celine said hugging Rachel again. Way back home it was a belief among the townsfolk that if someone puts their trust on something or someone, and relies genuinely on that trust for things to work out, the results will always fall short than what is expected or sometimes the opposite of what was expected. This is because of too much confidence.

Rachel nodded and moved her head slightly to look at Hardy behind Celine. She asked, "Hardy, how's Hiram? Where is he?"

"He's fine. The nurses are attending to his scratch and bruises." But Mr. Ren, I think, had a serious injury," Hardy said honestly.

Hearing that, Rachel paused for a while and searched on her mind as to who Mr. Ren was.

Was it Marcus Ren?

She had only seen Hiram when she was conscious during the incident and hadn't seen

in danger," Marcus said calmly. "There's nothing more genuine offer that I can give you except for that. Just take it as a friendly help."

Rachel stared at him for a while. She realized that this man had a good heart. Her efforts to cut ties with him, however, were all in vain. She stood up and said, "You should take your rest. I got to go. Please be well."

Both of them were silently staring at each other for a while just when Unna clumsily banged the door open.

"Aunt Rachel! Hi." Unna greeted Rachel politely before closing the door.

After Rachel left, Unna sat next to Marcus and said with her lips pouting, "Dad, I didn't know you're a hero.

I heard you risked your life to save somebody from the fire. Is it Aunt Rachel? You saved her?" Unna lifted Marcus' shirt to check the wound. Marcus made an effort to change the topic and asked Unna, "What are you looking at? Are you checking if I'm really your father? You can't believe that I can do such heroic acts?" He sounded silly, holding his daughter's hand with love.

"That's not what I meant. If Aunt Rachel was single, I would be very happy to call her mom. But... Dad, Auntie Rachel is happily married. You won't get her to love you even though you save her once, twice or even a hundred times,"

Unna said while leaning against Marcus's shoulder, feeling hopeless for her dad.

Marcus patted his daughter's shoulder and said with a smile, "Unna, I'm telling you. I didn't save her to win her affection. Sometimes we do things because they make us happy. And sometimes we do things because it is the right thing to do."

Unna didn't say anything. She was pondering over her dad's words.

Rachel went upstairs and saw Hiram, who had his wound bandaged. He was waiting for her in the hallway.

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