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   Chapter 543 You Are At Risk Now

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As he was driving past her, Marcus observed that she was gloomy, seeming very anxious. He greeted her in a loud voice, but she didn't hear him.


After calling out Rachel's name consecutively, Marcus still received no reply from her. So he parked his car aside, came out and approached Rachel who was trying to hail a taxi by the road. "Rachel, I called you just now. Didn't you hear me? What is wrong? What happened?"

At this moment, Rachel realized that someone was talking to her. When she turned around, she found that Marcus was standing there.

"Marcus, I have something important to deal with now. I have no time to talk with you." She pushed his hand away and then got into a taxi the moment she saw the taxi stop nearby.

Watching the taxi driving away, Marcus furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what was wrong and why she was so distressed.

After Rachel reached the abandoned parking lot, she got out of the taxi.

The parking lot was as large as a football field, filled with a strong smell of rust. There were a lot of chucked vehicles to be dismantled and destroyed.

Rachel glimpsed around, searching for the brick house that Zachary mentioned, but she couldn't find it.

Then she recalled that Zachary told her over the phone that she had to walk till the end of the parking lot.

Thus Rachel walked straight along a path amidst the damaged vehicles.

"Celine? Celine! Where are you?" she shouted while walking. Finally she reached the end of the parking lot and saw a row of brick houses. She progressed towards the houses and roared, "Celine? Are you inside the house? Celine..."

Rachel walked up to a house and stood at the door. Patting the door, she queried in a loud voice, "Celine, are you inside this house?"

Right then she heard someone speaking over a loudspeaker.

"What a surprise! You came here so soon. Mrs. Rong, it's been a long time!"

Rachel immediately lifted her head to look around, but she could not find Zachary, so she yelled, "Zachary Yan! I know you have an aversion to the Rong family all the time. You should look for Gavin and express your malevolence on him. But why do you take away my friend now?

I thought before that you were a principled, nice person. But now you use my friend to get back at my father. It is evident that I just have overrated you so much before."

Zachary said in a deep voice via the loudspeaker, "You are really intrepid and clever to talk back to me like that. Do you think that I'm not aware that the Rong family's house is highly secured? I wouldn't get any chance to enter your house or even near any of you.

But your friend doesn't live along with you, so

sternly while coughing.

After a while, Rachel heard someone pour the petrol. "Do you know how my wife and son expired? They were burned to death!

Today, I finally get a chance to kill you with fire. Four years ago, I couldn't kill you and you absconded luckily, but today you can't escape again. Besides, I hate Gavin so much and I want him to witness how his daughter-in-law die due to the sin he committed.

I haven't been so pleased like today in these many years."

After being terrified for a while, Rachel immediately kneeled down and grabbed her phone to call Hiram. However, she was unable to connect to him after she tried to call him several times. At last, she realized that there was no signal there.

Since Zachary planned to subject her to such a cruel death, he must have prepared everything in advance and he would not give her any chance to contact anyone.

As the lighter dropped on the floor, a flame ignited and spread quickly.

At that moment, Rachel was calmer than ever before.

She felt that her heart was missing a beat.

Danger always came to people without any signs or admonition. She led a happy life earlier today but now she was surrounded by fire.

This time, she had no way to escape, and she decided to come here today just to rescue her friend, so she would not regret even if she would die today.

If there was only one thing which could make her feel better, it might be the news that Celine was safe and fine.

At the same time, Celine woke up in a strange bedroom. She immediately stepped out of the room and tried to call Rachel. After she found that Rachel's line was not reachable, she called Hardy.

"Hardy, I guess something is wrong. You should contact Hiram immediately and tell him that Rachel is in danger."

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