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   Chapter 542 Frenzied

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It should have pointed at "Undressing" but the pointer swayed back from "Undressing" to another bar. 'So not the undressing, right?' thought Rachel, unable to believe her eyes!

Just at that moment Rachel had felt relieved that she wouldn't have to undress. She moved closer to the board to read what the pointer was pointing at.

There were so many words.

The bar read: Designate anyone of the opposite sex to kiss your partner.

In other words, if your parter were a woman, you would have to find a man to kiss her. And if your partner were a man, you would have to find a woman to kiss him.

'No way! Definitely not!'

Rachel denied it to herself. She suppressed her unhappiness. "What does it mean? How do we play?" she asked trying to sound calm.

When Hiram saw the bar the pointer was at, he raised his eyebrows.

"It's pretty straightforward. You will either designate a woman to kiss Hiram or you will have to kiss one of the men here. I don't think it's that hard to understand, right?" A man said with a smile.

Rachel shook her head. She slipped her hand around Hiram's neck and said like a spoiled child, "How can that be possible? He's mine and can't be kissed by any other woman. And I'm his woman. I can't be kissed by any other man, either. How about we go for another option?"

Hiram smiled at Rachel's words and said, "She's right. She's mine. Would Mr. Zhai be kind enough to offer us another option?"

"Well, since you say so, we won't force you to do that. As a gentleman, I'd like to oblige a friend. So I think we will just pass this turn for Mr. Rong and this beauty,"

said Mr. Zhai gesturing at Rachel, and continued, "I feel grateful that Mr. Rong has been with us till now to show the hospitality of a host. I am sure we all will have a fruitful partnership!

So let's bring today to a close, shall we?"

Hiram then stood up. Rachel immediately went to retrieve his shirt.

"Have a good cooperation." Hiram put on his shirt and shook hands with Mr. Zhai. Then he pulled Rachel into his arms and walked out of the box.

At the door, Chad handed Rachel the coat she had worn when she had come and said, "Mr. Rong, the car's already waiting for us downstairs."

He didn't greet Rachel since he had to pretend not knowing her. Then he left to get the elevator.

When they got to the first floor, Chad whispered to Rachel, "Rachel, I have put your clothes in the


How could he be so manic? She would never understand!

"She's fine now. But I'm not sure what will happen to her. It all depends on you. You have one hour. The clock is already ticking. If you come alone and show up in time, your friend will be alright. Remember, no police, no family, no anyone else. Just you.

Otherwise... Yeah, you should know what will happen,"

sneered Zachary in a hoarse voice.

"Don't worry. You and I have some catching up to do. If you come alone, I can promise that I won't hurt her. Keep that in mind!

Do not piss me off otherwise I won't be as soft as I was four years ago."

Then the call disconnected. The cell phone slipped from Rachel's hand onto the bed. She was numb.

Now what?

What could she do? Did she have a choice?

Rachel stood up, stupefied by what had just happened. She walked straight out of the house without even wearing shoes until Snowball came running to her and sniffed at her feet. The wet snout on her feet snapped her out of the confusion. She quickly checked the time - ten minutes had already passed by.

Celine was innocent. Rachel wouldn't allow anything to happen to her. The clock was ticking. She had to hurry. There was no room for delays. She had to save Celine.

Rachel ran back, threw on a pair of shoes and dashed downstairs again. She decided to drive there but didn't know the route.

She pondered over the mode of transport as she sprinted out of Tulip Palace. Then she changed her mind and hailed a taxi. Most taxi drivers had more experience and would know a faster route to the parking lot.


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