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   Chapter 541 How To Appease The Wife

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Hiram frowned and smiled at Rachel bitterly. He pinched her gently around her shoulder and whispered back softly to her, "Honey, I'm really sorry. I was left with no other choices."

Rachel snorted and picked up the glass of wine on the table. She then said, "Drink this glass as a forfeit. Then I'll promise to forgive you."

Although she didn't want him to drink too much, given the people they were around, who seemed reckless, Rachel felt like she had to act like the other ladies in the room.

"You are such a cool and collective beauty! However, I suggest that you two drink 'cross-cupped wine' from one another's glasses. Everyone here, come on! Join me and raise your glasses to drink the way Mr. Rong and his beautiful lady do."

Other men kicked up a fuss and were quick to pick up their glasses to drink 'cross-cupped wine' with their ladies.

"Let's all have a little bit of fun tonight. Mr. Rong, you have such a charming lady escorting you. How about another round?" The man suggested and looked at Rachel in a flirtatious way.

Rachel wrapped her arm around Hiram's and replied with a smile, "Mr. Rong, what kind of game were you playing here?"

She asked Hiram as though she didn't already know. Looking at the beauties around them, she noticed that the clothes they wore were far more revealing than hers.

If it hadn't been for the heater, the ladies at the table would've been frozen by now, as it was far too cold for their skimpy little outfits.

"You want to know what we were playing, hmm? You ask too many questions. You'll surely know after playing a round." That man looked at Rachel smilingly and moved over to the turntable.

Hiram's gaze swept the turntable coldly and said to Rachel gently, "Please, put my coat on if you're getting too cold."

Rachel giggled and looked at Hiram with one hand placed on his face.

"There's no need. I'm used to it. However, I'll still listen to you since you care so much about me." She took the coat that was beside him and put it over her shoulders.

The scene made other women jealous of Rachel.

None of those men care about whether their ladies were cold or not. Those men they were accompanying would rather see them naked and had no respect for them.

Nevertheless, the men were jealous of Hiram, for he had such a beauty accompanying him tonight.

Then they thought that it was no surprise that Hiram might have had a lot of beautiful lovers.

It was their turn. Rachel and Hiram were selected to play the game. Rachel wasn't able to see the words clearly up until now. She noticed that the words on the turntable had been changed, purposely.


said seemed a little bit too far-fetched.

Rachel smiled and replied on behalf of Hiram, "Things vary in different families. Mr. Rong told me that if his wife hadn't given him permission, he wouldn't have dated me at all. So if your wife doesn't agree with you having affairs, I suggest that you should rather not and abide by her rules."

Rachel was witty and smart. She somehow managed to make the lie sound convincing.

"It's our turn now. Mr. Rong, whose turn is it to spin it? Yours or mine?" Rachel asked. She looked at the turntable and acted as though she didn't care that Hiram had taken off his clothes at all, even though it was distracting to all the ladies' eyes in the room.

She failed to act like she didn't care, when she actually did care. Those women here were looking at Hiram suggestively, which made her very unhappy.

"You can spin it if you want," Hiram said smilingly with one hand holding his head intently. The worst possible thing that could happen next was that he would have to take one more piece of his clothing off.

Rachel thought about it for a second, and then decided to spin the turntable herself. It was the last round, after which they could go back home to sleep.

She placed her trembling hand on the turntable before looking at Hiram who was topless, fearing that he would have to remove his pants too.

She thought, 'Rachel, you have to win this time, otherwise the undeniably perfect body of your husband will be seen by every other woman in this room.'

Closing her eyes, she span the turntable with her fingers.

After a few seconds, the needle stopped and pointed at one choice.

Rachel opened her eyes wide and took a closer look at the turntable. At that very moment, her heart skipped a beat.

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