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   Chapter 540 Frolicking Around

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"Kids, did you have fun? We need to go home now." Rachel walked over with a smile and found Joyce looking unhappy.

"Aunt Rachel, I'm sorry. It seems I pissed Joyce off again," Simon walked toward Rachel and apologized.

Rachel looked from Simon to Joyce, then she pulled Joyce near her and said with a smile, "Joyce, it's alright. Be happy."

Although she didn't know what had happened, it was not a good time to inquire into the details.

"Joyce is a big girl now. So you won't get angry so easily, will you?"

On the way home, Jonny told Rachel what had happened. It was not a big matter and Rachel was relieved.

Children would definitely face a variety of problems while growing up. Rachel hoped they could confront these problems by themselves because these problems, good or bad, were part of their learning.

When they arrived home, Rachel gave the two kids a bath and put them to sleep before going to her bedroom.

It was already half past nine and Hiram hadn't come home.

When he came home yesterday, she had told him that she would take the two kids to visit the Ji family.

Rachel didn't see any sign of him returning home for a while, so she decided to call him.

But the call went unanswered.

When she made the second call it was picked up, but the person who answered it was not Hiram.

"Rachel? This is Chad. Hiram's still at the banquet and I have his phone.

When you made the first call, I was trying to give the phone to Hiram, but then I found he was tied up,"

said Chad over the phone.

"I see. How long will the dinner last?" Rachel asked. She wanted to know when Hiram would come home. If he came back too late, she would go to sleep.

"Well, I'm not so sure. I heard that they will go to the entertainment centre after dinner," Chad said while scratching his head.

Hiram didn't have many social functions because he did not need to attend most of them. But there were some events that were unavoidable and his presence was necessary.

"I see. Tell him not to drink too much," said Rache and hung up.

Now that she knew Hiram would arrive home late, she decided not to wait for him. She took a bath and went to bed.

Rachel was asleep when her phone rang and shattered her slumber.

She got up in a daze and reached for her phone. She saw that it was Chad calling and noted that it w

moment Rachel entered the room everyone turned to marvel at her breathtaking beauty, comparing her to a captivating tulip blossoming in the night.

She finally understood why Chad asked her to come here.

"Mr Rong, it's been a long time since I saw you last. You come here so rarely. Why didn't you ask me to accompany you?" asked Rachel glancing shyly at Hiram, who was seated in the center of the sofa.

She sashayed over to Hiram and pushed aside the woman who was leaning on him, then sat on his lap.

"I must be the only girl to keep you company tonight! No one else can take my place!" Rachel said poutingly, her beautiful eyes fixed on her husband.

Hiram was dumbfounded. He didn't understand whether he was dreaming or not. He cast a glance at Chad's figure running away from the room and understood the plot completely.

Suddenly he curved his lips into a greedy smile and narrowed his dark eyes.

"I'm surprised you're still up at such a late hour."

"How could I go to sleep knowing you are here." Rachel stood, in her high heels, in front of Hiram blocking the view of others.

"Mr. Rong, no wonder you have no interest in the other ladies. I didn't expect you have such a beautiful lover. Lucky you!" a man sitting at the other side of the sofa said smilingly, his hungry eyes on Rachel.

Rachel chuckled demurely and threw herself into Hiram's arms. She put her arms around his waist and pinched him tightly. Then went near his ears and whispered, "No wonder you haven't come home yet. I should've known you're frolicking around here."

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