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   Chapter 539 The Bully

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"Hey, you little girl. Come here!"

ordered Haze, as she stood with her hands on her hips and pointed at Joyce.

"Haze, what do you want to do?" Glen came over and asked cautiously.

"What do I want to do? Obviously, I'm teaching her the rules. This is our space. And, did this newcomer ask for my permission before playing here?"

Haze played with the blue ribbon in her long hair and stared at Joyce with a sinister smile.

Though she was very young, Joyce could easily distinguish between good words and bad ones. The smile on her face disappeared once she heard Haze's words.

Jonny also came down from the slide immediately. He stood in front of Joyce, raised his head and said, "Sorry, Haze. I have no idea how my sister provoked you. On behalf of her, I apologize to you."

Jonny could tell from a distance that Haze was several years older than them. He heard his father's words play in his mind, 'If you are uncertain about winning, then, it is best to admit defeat until

the time you have enough strength to stand your ground.'

"Get out of the way, little one. I don't like her. It's none of your business!" Haze said, glancing at Jonny. She was the only child in her family, so she was really spoiled and possessive and especially hated anyone laying a finger on her things.

Jonny, of course, would not listen to her. His fine face was full of seriousness. "Haze, you should care for those who are younger than you, right? And I think that is also what Simon hopes for, doesn't he?"

"Well, you little fellow. How dare you use Simon to manipulate me!" Haze sneered. Relying on her taller height, she pushed Jonny aside to expose Joyce.

Joyce, with her big eyes, glared at Haze, who was much taller than her.

"What do you want to do?"

Haze laughed savagely. She rolled up her sleeves to slap Joyce on the face.


Unexpectedly, the scream did not come from Joyce. Instead, it came from Haze.

As soon as Haze's hand came near enough, Joyce grabbed onto it and bit it hard.

"Ow! Let me go! Let me go! Quickly!"

Haze shouted in pain.

Sensing that Haza had suffered too much, Joyc

le girl." Haze's mother sighed. 'Ji's family is quite wealthy and well-known. We will inevitably deal with them in the future.

Simon is certainly the future leader of his family. He can already remember things now, so I had better not provoke him.'

Haze was not happy with her mother's solution. She looked at her hand and said sadly, "Mummy, so you won't do anything to defend me?"

"Haze, you were wrong too" was all her mother could say.

She looked at Simon as he led Joyce and Jonny out of the toy room.

"Simon, you are so powerful," Jonny said adoringly. He sincerely felt that Simon, who was only ten years old, was really great at handling such things.

"Jonny, Joyce, I'm sorry..." said Simon in a low voice. He began to feel that things would always go wrong every time he met Joyce.

Jonny persuaded Joyce, "Joyce, come on. Don't be so sad. We didn't lose after all. You bit her, and she did not dare to speak out. Don't be so angry, okay?"

Joyce finally looked at Simon. "Who knows if she will bully me again next time!"

"No. Never. As long as I am by your side, no one can bully you!" Simon promised immediately.

And he swore secretly that he will never allow anyone to hurt Joyce in his presence.

After a while, Simon walked downstairs with two kids.

Rachel was listening to some interesting stories of shooting. Seeing her children came downstairs, she stood up and walked over.

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