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   Chapter 538 Are You Robbing The Cradle

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"Of course I recognize you! How could I forget the star of the time? Nice to meet you, Cynthia!" Rachel replied with a mocking laugh.

It really amused her. She had never imagined that Simon's aunt would be Cynthia, one of the famous actresses recently. Rachel often saw her fans waiting outside Tulip Palace, longing to see her. They called themselves 'Moon Fans' as they considered her as the bright full moon in the sky.

"Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Rong! Actually, it's my birthday tomorrow. I know my nephew has invited you to my birthday party, but I would like to invite you explicitly. Please bring your twins to my party tomorrow night if you are available!" Cynthia invited quickly.

No wonder Cynthia was so famous now. She was grounded and carried no arrogance or pride being a super star. She was more like a cordial young lady and greeted everyone with a warm smile.

"Thank you! I will be there if I'm not busy, but anyway, Jonny and Joyce will be there on time. Thank you again for you cordial invitation, Cynthia!" Rachel responded smilingly. She stepped forward and grasped Jonny and Joyce's hands in hers, about to leave.

"Great! See you then!" Cynthia waved and gave Rachel an alluring smile.

After that, she put her hand on Simon's shoulders and walked away. Then, she whispered in his ears, "Wow, Simon! You are robbing the cradle, aren't you?"

Simon was appalled, though he was used to his aunt's abusing words. He replied disapprovingly, "What are you talking about, Aunt Cynthia?

I don't think being five or six years older will be a problem, and beyond that, I invited them because I owed them an excuse. Don't cook up a story like acting in movies!"

Cynthia ridiculed Simon and wiped his good-looking face, speaking both sportively and gravely, "My dear nephew, let me guide you! Love can initiate from childhood. Look how attractive Joyce is, I believe she will be a sensational beauty as she grows up. You would better rush now; otherwise she might become someone else's girlfriend!"

"Cynthia, please stop! You are really exaggerating!" Simon exclaimed. He ripped her hand off his shoulders and strode away from her.

"Hey, I'm just kidding!" Cynthia sprinted after him, seeing him infuriated.

The next day, Jonny was eagerly waiting to attend the party.

He kept on asking Rachel to drop them there early in the afternoon.

Rachel then took them to C

and repelled, "Thank you, Glen, but I had other things to do. The Barbie would better be with her owner." She tramped with Jonny and said cheerfully, "Let's play on the slide over there!"

After they left, Simon looked straight into Haze's eyes and said scowling, "Haze, please! They are our guest, and let's show our welcomes. You could be more generous!"

"But this is my Barbie, Simon. If I don't feel like sharing it with her, it's my wish, okay?" she confronted disapprovingly.

Glancing Joyce and Jonny, she continued, "It seems that they have just started kindergarten, right? I don't think there will be any fun to play with them. I feel it's irrational for having invited them here, Simon."

"Shut up, Haze!" Simon yelled and showed an angry face.

On the other side of the room, Jonny found it was boring to just play with his sister, so he invited the other two boys to play with them.

All the four of them were in the same age group, and had a good time together.

"Simon? Your mother is searching for you, and you'd better leave now!" A servant informed Simon at the door.

Simon nodded to her and turned to Glen, "Please take care of them in my absence, and I' would be back soon!"

He checked on Jonny and Joyce, who were playing merrily, and left the room.

Simon never anticipated that Haze would wait for a favorable chance like this.

The moment he vanished from the door, she focused her eyes on Joyce immediately. She flicked the Barbie on the chair and walked towards her with a grey face.

Meanwhile, Joyce was enjoying herself and didn't notice Haze at all.

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