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   Chapter 537 You Are Such A Naughty Boy

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The next morning, when Hiram saw Rachel with her back on him, he got closer to her and gently asked, "Honey, are you angry?"

Rachel pretended to be asleep, not interested to listen to nor reply him.

"Honey..." His mouth twisted in a smile. Hiram then pinned his arms around Rachel's waist and whispered in her ear, "You made love with me so erotically and intensely last night, offering me great pleasure. I really relished that.

Don't be angry anymore, okay? I have to go out to deal with something today. I will come back early if there is nothing else important."

With these words, Hiram kissed Rachel who still closed her eyes.

After Hiram left, Rachel opened her eyes and pulled the quilt nonchalantly to hide her belly.

She knew that Hiram didn't allow her to get pregnant just because he didn't want her to endure the pain anymore. Although she could feel Hiram's love for her, she was still maddened. Rachel thought that if he didn't want her to give birth to another baby, he should genuinely tell her about his opinion at the beginning. Instead, he played jokes on her.

When she happened to check the time, Rachel found that it was already eight o'clock in the morning. Fortunately, it was a Saturday and also a holiday for her kids.

After waking up, Rachel intended to stay with her children inside the Tulip Palace. She felt insecure if they played outside, considering their safety.

It was bright today. They took a walk together while rejoicing the warm morning-sunshine.

Jonny and Joyce walked hand in hand in front of Rachel. Sometimes they ran and hopped along the path giggling; sometimes they just walked in silence, enjoying the view.

Rachel followed and guarded them from behind. She gazed at her two kids with a delightful smile on her face.

Now that today was Saturday and the weather was good, there were many people walking in the park.

"Jonny! Let's have a race. Okay?"

said Joyce, waving at Jonny after running up to the track.

"I can compete against you, but you shouldn't cry if you lose," Jonny said, as he tramped up to her.

In the past, Joyce always sobbed and pleaded Jonny to let her triumph each time when she was about to lose the game. So Jonny thought he should remind her in advance just in case she couldn't win the game this time.

"Of course I won't. I'm mature now, so I will not cry anymore." Joyce pouted her lips and then turned to Ra

, you can go there and play with Simon tomorrow," she said to Jonny.

Rachel would surely be concerned if Jonny and Joyce went to a place distant from home. But now that Simon's aunt's house was also in the Tulip Palace, it was convenient for Rachel to reach there along with them and send them back home. So she agreed.

"Great!" Jonny grinned as he heard that Rachel agreed, holding Simon's hand and jumping in excitement.

However, Joyce, who stayed aside, had no interest in it. After she cast a glance at Jonny and Simon, she spoke, "I won't join the party. Jonny, you can go to the party if you want to."

After he heard Joyce, Simon squatted down in front of her and said, "Joyce, are you still angry with me?"

Joyce just glowered and lowered her head, without any response.

"There are many attractive toys in my aunt's house. Besides, my aunt is very nice and treats me well. If she knew that I had invited my friends to her house, she must be very excited,"

Simon said patiently, looking at Joyce who was still in a bad mood.

Jonny walked up to Joyce and held her hands. "Joyce, just say yes," he said, trying to convince her.

Simon's aunt observed them at a distance for a while.

Immediately, she approached them.

"Simon, it seems like you don't know how to entice a girl. Look, she is annoyed by you now," she said to Simon jokingly.

Then she walked up to Rachel and shook hands with her. "Mrs. Rong, we have met before. Do you remember me?"

Rachel was very surprised at the moment when she saw this charming, enchanting woman. She was also a bit familiar to Rachel.

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