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   Chapter 536 You Want Another Child Okay!

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"Dad, calm down. It isn't time to do such a thing. He is in the dark. We might get into great trouble if we are so careless. Let's wait and see. I will ask someone to check on this. We can only prepare ourselves fully when we figure out what is really happening,"

Hiram said calmly.

"But… but Hiram, I'm afraid that he will do something to the children. I'm old and I wouldn't care if he takes his revenge on me. It's just… the children must be safe!" Gavin sighed.

He had heard that Zachary had managed to send the letter to Rachel at the school gate, which meant that he knew which kindergarten the children attended!

After all, the Rong family was a famous and wealthy family in H City. It was easy for Zachary to track them down if he wanted to.

He was warning the family by sending the letter through the kindergarten.

Gavin was afraid that if he just sat there and did nothing, his grandchildren might suffer the consequences.

"Dad, I know you're worried about the children. But we need to calm down; otherwise, we can't analyze the situation calmly.

And that's exactly what Zachary wants. He is doing this on purpose! He wants us to get distracted and panic! Listen to me, dad. Calm down! You used to be very careful and thorough!"

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows. He was not used to addressing his father in this manner, but it was the only way to calm him down.

If they panicked, they would fall into Zachary's trap.

Seeing Hiram hang up the phone, Rachel sat up and asked Hiram anxiously, "What did dad say?"

Hiram undid his buttons and sighed, "He is worried that Zachary would harm the kids. He told me that he wanted to use himself as bait and lure Zachary out."

Hiram was going to say that Gavin was being impulsive and careless.

However, Rachel didn't wait for him to finish.


Rachel was surprised. "No way! In that case, the bait should be me!"

Hiram turned around immediately. He frowned and looked at Rachel. He couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Rachel, who do you think you are? You aren't a cat. You don't have nine lives! Neither you nor dad should go. I will handle it."

Rachel understood from his words that he himself wanted to be the bait. She grabbed his hand just as he was going to pull off his shirt a

nother baby, fine. Let's have one,"

Hiram said and kissed Rachel. He snuck his hand under her clothes and took off her bra. "Tell me, Rachel. Do you want a boy or a girl?"

Hiram began tickling Rachel and she was laughing and giggling. Blushing, she said, "I want a son. I want a son so that he can ease the burden on you and Jonny."

As for Joyce, Rachel wanted her to be happy and free. After all, she was a girl. Rachel didn't want to put too much pressure on her.

Hiram kissed Rachel's lips and asked cunningly, "Okay. Since you want another baby, don't you think we need to be doing 'something'?"

"What do you want me to do?" asked Rachel flirtatiously.

Hiram nibbled on her ears and whispered, "Whatever you want to do, I am listening."

Rachel smiled shyly. She pulled the quilt close over her and Hiram and climbed on top of him.

"Hiram! Where are you going?" Rachel asked in surprise while they were making out.

"Condom" was the flat reply.

"I thought we're trying to have a baby!" said Rachel flabbergasted, and continued, "Why would we need a condom?"

"I was just teasing you. I'm not that impulsive, Rachel. I don't want to see you pregnant again. You will have to suffer a lot for another nine months."


Rachel was too angry to say a word. She was blissfully thinking she would finally have another baby, so she had taken the initiative in bed and tried her best to please him. However…

Hiram was craftier than she had anticipated!

She would never believe him again!

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