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   Chapter 535 Happiness Is Infectious

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After a few coughs, Zachary took a towel and dabbed his mouth. Then he asked with a bitter smile, "Why did I come back? Ha-ha...

I lived a life of hide and seek. Bro, I have gone tired of leading this kind of life.

I had a wife and children. I can't explain how happy I was then! Now I have nothing except myself, an abandoned life. But he is blessed with everything!

Why? Why is God so prejudiced? He has a son and grandchildren to spend his time and life with, while I live with serious ailment.

I couldn't settle myself to such a complication. I lost my wife and my children solely because of him. He deserves to be admonished."

Exasperation and grievance worsened Zachary's cough. He coughed so hard that he felt like he was about to expel his lungs out!

In the recent years, he spent his life running from the police. He didn't even dare to go to the hospital, and the consequence was that the slight illness became a serious one.

There was a saying that a person who had given up all the hope was fearless.

According to Zachary, the biggest regret of his life was that he failed to avenge the Rong family.

His health was worsening, so he scared that he wouldn't get any chance for revenge in the future.

That was the reason why he came back to H City.

Hearing what his friend said, the old man heaved a sigh and spoke, "But how can you confront the Rong family all alone? I'm scared that you wouldn't even near the shadow of Rong at the cost of ruining your life!"

Zachary sat beside a furnace and lit a cigarette, smoking and coughing. "Bro, don't worry about me. I have sketched a plan before I came back. Can you recognize me if I haven't disclosed who I am?"

"No, I can't. You look completely different," the old man replied, staring at Zachary. The plastic surgery made Zachary look youthful. Even if they were old friends, he could rarely identify him.

"So if after all you can't identify me, they certainly wouldn't either," Zachary said smilingly, with a fit of coughing.

Obviously, Zachary had such a big advantage over his opponent. They knew nothing about him, even his looks.

However, he had gathered lots of important information about his opponent, such as his main family members, his family address and company address.

cause whether they are in their teen, middle or old age, they only admire 18-year-old girls," Rachel mocked, glancing at her husband.

"Who said so? I must say I oppose this view. In my whole life, I only love my wife, young or old," Hiram said dedicatedly, sitting on the chair near Rachel.

The couple inclined against each other and gazed at the stars, never voicing anything about the incident that happened today.

They were enjoying the little happiness of this moment.

However, a call broke the calmness.

It was from Hiram's father, Gavin.

"Hello, Hiram. Zachary is back. Is it true?" Gavin asked agitatedly on the phone. He just got the news. He was so worried that he called his son to confirm the information although it was past 10 at the night.

He was the target of Zachary's revenge. Last time when Zachary took the revenge, he wasn't in H City and escaped it. This time, Zachary came back, well-prepared, so it was really hard for him to get another narrow escape.

"Well, it's true. I have arranged for people to inspect his whereabouts. Don't be worried. Remember not to go out alone," Hiram replied, glimpsing at Rachel who was already in bed.

Rachel reciprocated him a smile.

Then she took her phone to kill time.

"Hiram, I must say I can't keep my mind at peace unless Zachary is imprisoned. We must do something and make the first move. I have a suggestion. Maybe I can lure him out. Go and discuss with Kun to execute a detailed plan,"

Gavin said pensively after a moment of silence.

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