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   Chapter 534 How Are You, Rachel

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Rachel stuck out her tongue to Hiram and walked to him smilingly. She had forgotten that she put two lunch boxes on his table.

She brought both of their lunch here and planned to have lunch with him.

"What's the matter with you? Why are you hiding?" Hiram asked casually as he unpacked their lunchboxes and passed a pair of chopsticks to her.

Rachel seated herself on the wooden chair, took the chopsticks, shrugged her shoulders and responded, ""I don't want to make a scene while you and Flora are talking. Since she waited for a long time to see you, I believed that she must get something urgent to talk with you. I was afraid that she would be reluctant to speak all in her mind if I was present."

Hiram didn't want to talk about the matter and thought that Rachel just doesn't want to see Flora.

."Did you notice anything weird the past two days?" Hiram asked and raised his head to look at her after taking a bite off the steamed fish.

Rachel shook her head immediately and replied, "No honey, I'm perfectly fine. You know what? You should relax! I've got bodyguards. I'll be fine!" she declared confidently.

A moment later, while she was still munching an apple on her mouth, Rachel mumbled, "Actually honey, I've been thinking and thinking about it since I heard the news that he's back. I know time heals all wounds, but we can't lose our guards and put our lives at risk."

"Honey I need you to promise me that you would stay safe. Stay at home if possible and always keep your bodyguards at bay," Hiram stressing out the situation to her. We can spend our times as usual, but I believe he gets no time to wait," Hiram analyzed the situation to her. Zachary was almost forty years old now and would stop being a threat to them when he was old enough to lose his fighting ability.

Rachel nodded for approval and said, "I know and I'll take care."

"Good. Here eat some of these, it's good for your health," Hiram said as he put some fish into her box.

Rachel was eating her lunch absent-mindedly. She suddenly turned her gaze towards Hiram and hastily asked, "Hiram, how did Flora managed to become a shareholder of Streams Company? If she does something unethical she would drag the directors with her, including you. Haven't you think about it, honey?"

Hiram had provoked Flora just now and she had no idea what Flora would do when she was pissed off.

"I don't think so. She'll be busy enough with her own affairs later," Hiram tried to make her relax.

His phone rang out and glancing who was calling, he muted it, going on with his lunch.

After they burped their full out of their lunch, Rachel decided to go back home alone.

Since Hiram would be occupied with his meetings this afternoon, it would be boring for her to stay in his office and wast

tarting with whatever he was planning to do.

Hiram had guessed right.

When they pulled over in front of their house, the kids got off first and ran inside.

She stood outside of the house for a while, walking back and forth.

She double checked the cameras installed around the house. Hiram also arranged securities to watch over the monitors twenty-four hours a day.

Rachel was tensed. However, she should be strong for her kids and for Hiram.


Inside an old brick house on the outskirts of H City, a man was sitting in a leather couch in front of a furnace.

It was Zachary but with a completely different face. He rose from his chair when he heard the front door opened. He looked outside through the window to see who was coming.

The visitor glanced around the house and sighed with emotions that it was the same as four years ago.

"Zachary! You mongrel!" the man shouted giving Zachary a slight punch by the side. "I have to say that you're really something. You have the guts to come back! It's a lot of shit wind outside, but aren't you scared of being caught and having jail time?" asked the man.

He was one of Zachary's old friends. He took him in when he had nowhere to go.

But he didn't directly take part in the kidnapping four years ago. Thus the police didn't know his existence.

Zachary, who looked completely different after surgery, knocked the ashtray of his cigar as he stood up and said in a hoarse voice, "Buddy, where can I go other than hometown?

My roots are here. A tree can't bear fruits without the root, right? I'd rather die here rather than wandering in strange countries."

The other man took a seat in front of the furnace too and said with pity, "But Zachary, as the old saying goes, better a live coward than a dead hero! If you can just live a peaceful life abroad, buddy, why come back?"

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