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   Chapter 533 I'm Not Blind

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The news of Zachary's return infected Rachel with great paranoia. Two days later, it began to dawn on her that she might have had an overreaction to the matter.

The information only mentioned his secret return into the country but the country was so vast that one couldn't guess where he would be. Since he was criminally wanted by the police in H City, it would be plausible that he would avoid it just so that he could at least walk around in broad daylight.

He had committed a crime in H City. So if he dared to come back here, he would surely be caught by the police.

Rachel instantly felt more relaxed. She had put herself into a state of extreme nervousness.

Moreover, she also felt relieved to know that there were bodyguards deployed to secretly protect Jonny and Joyce on their way to school and back home.

At noon, Rachel packed some food in a lunch box, and then took it to Hiram's company.

She had spoken to Hiram on phone and he had said that he would finish his meeting in twenty minutes. She would arrive at the company just in time for his lunch.

When Rachel arrived at the Streams Company, she was surprised to find someone already waiting for Hiram in the reception area near the meeting room.

"Ms. Li, please leave. Mr. Rong is still in a meeting,"

Ben tried to persuade Flora Li.

It appeared that Flora had already been waiting here for a long time.

"Ben, I've come here on business, not for any personal affairs. Why does he refuse to see me?" Flora confronted Ben. She was wearing a white hand-tailored suit that bore the logo of a famous brand. Unlike the tender expression that she used to have on her face, she was now exuding great arrogance.

"No, Ms. Li. We don't mean to refuse a meeting. You're already one of the shareholders of our company, so of course, you can meet Mr. Rong. But the fact is that Mr. Rong is indeed too busy these days. There are a lot of guests that want to see him, but he has to put off all those interviews. Mr. Rong doesn't mean to deliberately avoid meeting you,"

Ben smiled and tried to explain politely.

Flora sneered back, "Really? Just that? Then it doesn't matter much. I can just wait for him here. Sooner or later, his meeting will end, right?"

Flora said and then sat back on her seat with a stubborn look. It seemed that this time she wouldn't leave without meeting Hiram.

After hearing the conversation between Ben and Flora in the reception room, Rachel continued to walk toward the CEO's office.

She opened the door of the office and found that Hiram indeed was yet to return from the meeting.

After waiting in his office for about ten minutes, Rachel heard some noise outside the door.

She lightly pushed the door open and stuck her head out to see Flora trying to block Hiram's way.

But Hiram ignored her just like the mighty elephant ignores the deers, and strode toward his office leaving Flora in his wake.

Seeing this, Rachel immediately stepped back and closed the door sl

arette. As he smoked, an evil smile spread across his face. With a cold look in his black eyes, he said, "I've given you chances. I've tried to let you leave with your dignity intact. However, you never give up. Do you even realize what you've done?"

At first, he had turned a blind eye to her deliberate actions to get his attention.

But then she had crossed the line. She set a trap for Rachel, drugged her and made her spend a night with Marcus.

She had breached the limit of his tolerance. Ever since that event, he had put Flora in his blacklist.

"You are responsible for your own life. Don't blame it on anyone else but yourself," said Hiram and walked straight to the washroom to wash his hands, completely ignoring Flora.

Flora's eyes stung with tears but she fought to hold them back. She tried to walk to the door with her head held high, but her shoulders had stooped in defeat. Before she walked out, she steeled her tongue and said, "Hiram, it's not my fault to have loved you because that was out of my control. I can only say that I am unlucky to have loved you..."

Rachel heaved a sigh of relief in the lounge room when she saw that Flora had left.

'She was so annoying to keep pestering my husband.' She thought to herself.

"Since she's married to someone else, why can't she just be a happy wife with her husband? Why must she torture herself by doing this? Doesn't she know that she will only suffer more if she continues to behave like this?"

Rachel couldn't help but mutter to herself. But right then, the door opened and Rachel got a huge fright.

"What are you murmuring inside here? Come out and have lunch," Hiram said, smiling at her while he stood in the doorway, with one hand in his pocket.

Rachel chuckled in embarrassment and asked, "How did you know that I was here?"

Hiram rolled his eyes at her and then walked toward the sofa.

"I'm not blind!" he replied simply.

Then he opened the lunch box and served the food on to a plate.

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