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   Chapter 532 Zachary Returned

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"Ah!" Rachel screamed in fear.

She thought that she was being attacked by a stranger. She was relieved when she saw it was Hiram and took off her headphones. "What are you doing? You should've given me a warning."

Hiram looked at Rachel with his eyebrows lightly knitted together. He reached out to Rachel, hugged her and said, "Rachel, have you come here to be my assistant or to take a vacation?"

Rachel replied with a pout, "I come here to take a vacation as an assistant. Do you have a problem with that?"

He looked at her and smiled, then shook his head and said, "No, you're my wife. You can do anything you want. It's almost time for dinner. I have no work at night so I can show you around to enjoy the night view here."

Hearing that, Rachel jumped up excitedly. She pursed her lips and kissed Hiram on his cheek.

"You should've kissed me on my lips to show your gratitude." Hiram tightened his grip around her and smiled. He bent down to her height for her to reach his lips.

Rachel was used to this so she immediately pursed her lips again and pressed them against Hiram's.

Hiram smiled and deepened the kiss.

Hiram didn't let go of her until he was satisfied and Rachel was breathless. Then he grabbed her hand and walked outside.

H City was big. So there were many vistas Rachel hadn't seen.

Rachel had never been here before, the night view was beautiful. The glistening lights of the city were reflected in the swirling river. The bright moon hung low in the starry sky and witnessed every single thing, every sound and every silence.

After dinner, Hiram took Rachel's hand and they walked along the river. They marvelled at the night view while listening to the water lapping softly against the banks.

Rachel hopped ahead happily.

There were only a few people around them. The weather was still cold so most people were reluctant to remain outside so late.

It was late by the time Hiram and Rachel finished their jaunt in the park. Then they left for home.

Inside the car, Rachel took a deep breath and said, "It feels

years, too long to allow this threat to exist. He had eluded Hiram in foreign countries, but now he was home, and there was no way he could escape.

Rachel grappled with her senses and nodded her head. She had nothing to worry about except for her kids. She said anxiously, "I'm only worried about the safety of our children. Zachary is a maniac. There's nothing he will not do. I am afraid he might attempt to do something to our kids."

"Don't worry. I have arranged for bodyguards to protect them. They will be under surveillance at all times. Even in school," Hiram said, patting Rachel on her shoulder consolingly.

"Honey, I only shared this news so that you exercise caution yourself. Although his primary target is my dad, you're more likely to be the first person he'll come for. So please be careful,"

Rachel hugged him back tightly and said. "I know. I'll be careful with everything."

Now that Lydia was dead and Daniel had left, she had been promoted to his first target. Hiram was right - Zachary would come for her first.

But she believed in her heart that he wouldn't succeed this time.

It was not possible that luck would take his side every single time.

Rachel tried to relax and collect herself.

Since Zachary was back, it would now be possible to catch him and bring him to justice.

It was time to eliminate this fear from their heart.

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