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   Chapter 531 Maintain Rapport With Hiram

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Rachel was not convinced to have babies anymore, but if that was the case, she would rethink about it.

Hiram didn't want her to suffer from being pregnant and giving birth, so he had been very careful in birth control these years.

After a while, Rachel stewed two eggs and proceeded upstairs with a cup of milk as well as two slices of toast coated with jam.

Hiram was asleep now. She placed the tray on the table and tramped towards the bed.

"Honey?" Rachel called Hiram in a gentle voice.

Hiram did not respond, so she called him again. "Honey."

As soon as she finished talking, Hiram, who was asleep, suddenly extended his arm and embraced Rachel in his arms. He said, "Honey, let me sleep now."

As she was embraced in his arms, Rachel looked at his closed eyes and said, "I have brought you the breakfast. You can doze after eating. Skipping your breakfast is not good for your health."

Hiram muttered an okay and said, "Spare me five more minutes."

Rachel stopped speaking and lay with him silently.

After a few minutes, Hiram opened his eyes and kissed Rachel on her cheeks before hefting the quilt and getting up. He rushed to the bathroom to finish the morning routine, then sat on the sofa and had the breakfast.

Rachel assisted him to select a suit and prepared herself a suits too. She was prepared to leave for the company, along with him.

Although she played a small role in the business, she gained enough time to care for his personal needs.

"Are you sure you are coming with me?" Hiram stared at Rachel who had been well dressed and asked, humorously.

"Of course! You need me now. I will concentrate on the family affairs when you are not so busy," Rachel said in a light tone and walked to the car.

By the time she got into the car, she sensed something. She looked at Hiram from the corner of her eye and asked, "Will it be not appropriate if I appear in your company?"

"Don't overthink. I'm happy to have you around in the company as long as you can withstand remaining there all day," Hiram said with a smile. Then he geared the car and navigated towards the company.

"Of course I can. I know something about the business after all. I can manage to handle some simple works when you are engaged. I want to lessen or alleviate the burden on you," Rachel said strongly.

She had been the leader of a small company, so she believed she could handle small tasks.

In addition, Rachel would eat and sleep in his company and be with him all day long. He would definitely be convinced of that.

By the time they arrived at the building of the Stre

which was completely encompassed.

And the signal was interrupted to avoid overhearing.

All the mobile phones were restricted in the meeting room. If there were important calls, the staff waiting outside would intimate about it.

Hiram asked Rachel if she wanted to go inside. Rachel shook her head immediately as she would be tensed and pacified in front of those senior directors and the top giants of other companies.

Moreover, there was no signal inside. She couldn't play games if she got bored.

Rachel found it was comfortable waiting outside. Lounges here were up to the level of the presidential suite. They were provisioned with WiFi and TVs. There were also all kinds of snacks and fruits as well as advanced recreational equipments.

They offered the snacks to make them feel refreshed after the prolonged meeting.

Waiting became rejoicing and interesting for Rachel with these entertainments.

As soon as the meeting ended, Hiram walked out and found that Rachel was still enthralled in playing games. She had never come cross these games in the market before, but she discovered that they were so interesting.

Hiram stood at the door and stared at Rachel with a smile who was busy playing games.

That was a game incorporated by the game company in the charge of the Streams Company. It hadn't been launched into the market yet. Its rules were seemingly simple, but players had found it was not as simple as they thought after playing for some time.

"Hem, hem." Hiram cleared his throat to grab Rachel's attention.

But Rachel wore headphones and couldn't hear him, so she didn't notice Hiram either.

At the same time, Hiram tramped towards her and his shadow encased Rachel who was lost in games.

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