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   Chapter 530 Another Child

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Rachel rested her head on his shoulder, her face blushing red. "I miss you so much."

"Oh! Really? Do you truly miss me? Nothing else? Do you need more?" said Hiram with a grin. He longed for a kiss to prove that she was missing him.

After she coughed, she curved an eyebrow and said,"You are being naughty. Just drive."

Playfully, he raised his hand, pinched her cheeks, and said,"You can expect more from me. That's not a big deal. I'm your man, and I should fulfill your desire."

She felt embarrassed by what he said.

But since they were alone, Rachel thought that it was okay to be misbehaving, and even dirty, so she said,"That's your quote. You need to satisfy all my needs. I will tell you when to stop and when to continue on the bed. You must follow all my instructions."

Hiram couldn't help laughing again. He decided to stop talking.

He knew that she was messing with him.

After they had dinner, they immediately left for the Tulip Palace.

Hiram had had a prolonged meeting, so he had been sitting all day. In order to chill out, he went out and practised some exercises before he slept.

Even though he had finished his exercises quickly, Rachel had dozed to sleep by the time he reached out after a shower.

She was supposed to be waiting for him.

But, maybe she was so restless that she fell asleep, unknowingly.

Even though she had dozed, he couldn't resist his desire for having sex. He had been induced when she kissed him in the car. He wouldn't let it settle this easily and commenced to touch her body gently.

"Hi...Hiram, You stated that you would satisfy all my needs. I... I just want to sleep... Stop disturbing me when I'm dozing," muttered Rachel.

Since she had provoked him already, she anticipated that he would try some foreplay, so Rachel hooked up the cover and struggled to cover her chest. She knew him very well. Before he lay on her, he would always do some foreplay.

However, she was very drowsy now. All she wanted was to resume sleeping.

He snatched the cover off her, gaspingly. Slowly he smooched her, while his hands were caressing her body. He was aware of her reaction to his touch on her private part that would induce her just after kissing her for a short while. She began to moan in pleasure.

"Tell me. Do you still want to sleep?" he murmured, blowing air in her ear and gasped.

She nodded her head, her face blushing badly. But it indicated that she had woken up from the way she stared at him. Her eyes started speaking more about her sexual desire now.

"Babe, say you love me," he said in an erotic voice, biting her earlobes.


cently." Getting herself a glass of water, Fannie continued,"Have you planned to have a third child with Hiram?"

Hearing Fannie's question, Rachel was stunned. As she gulped the toast, she asked suspiciously,"Why do you ask such a question? We already have a boy and a girl. Do we really need one more kid?"

Fannie nodded her head and replied with a smile,"Think about it. When your kids grow up, they will take over the family business. If you have third child, they all will support each other. I don't think two children will be able to handle this. Three or four children can help each other well.

You are also aware that Hiram doesn't have any sibling to support or guide him in the family business. If he had, wouldn't it be hassle-free to run the family business? What do you say?"

Hearing Fannie's words, Rachel was lost in thoughts. Fannie's idea seemed sensible to Rachel now.

As for an ordinary family, the more children they had, the more burden they had, because they had to feed all the children. The parents might need to work even harder to earn money for their children to buy an asset.

But the situation prevailing in the Rong family was different. The Rong family owned a large business firm and they would leave behind their children with a lot of wealth.

If Jonny took over the company, he would also be engaged in work sparing no time for rest. She didn't want that to happen either.

Joyce was a girl who was not interested in business.

If she was willing to help Jonny in the future, it would be the best, but it was too early to know whether she was willing to.

Licking the milk on the corner of her mouth, Rachel was introspecting about Fannie's suggestion seriously.

Should they have another child?

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