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   Chapter 529 A Mysterious Building

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 10855

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"Even though I can't help him, I would always be here to support him…" Rachel said. 'Wait, what? Three companies?' What the lady had said caught Rachel's attention.

She couldn't help but thinking, 'The Li family? Is it Flora Li's family?'

Rachel couldn't think of others that went by the same last name.

'And there's a Cheng family. Cheng as in Flora's husband's family?' Rachel thought.

Rachel remembered seeing the news of their marriage. 'So Flora was plotting a revenge against Hiram?' Rachel concluded on her mind.

Why would Flora do such thing?

When Rachel came out from the spa pavilion, it was late. After she said goodbye to Celine, Rachel went to the Streams Company.

Hiram seemed to be burning the candles at both ends these days. Sometimes he would just sleep in the office when it was too late to go home.

The last time when he went home was two days ago.

"Rachel? Why are you here?" Chad was surprised to see Rachel walking towards him from the elevator. "Mr. Rong isn't here. He is having a meeting at one of our branches. The meeting has just started and I assume it would end late."

Rachel checked her watch. It was already six o'clock. 'Hiram might work late tonight again.' Rachel thought.

"Can you give me the address of the branch? I would wait for him there." Rachel asked Chad with a little hint of desperation on her voice.

Chad went to the reception table, took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down the address. "Here you go, Rachel. But I need to remind you that even if you go there, I'm not sure whether you can see Mr. Rong. The meeting is strictly confidential, even Ben and I can't get in."

Rachel replied waving her hands to Chad in goodbye. "That's okay. I can wait for him outside. I won't trespass. "

Rachel hadn't seen Hiram for two days and it infuriated her to think that he wouldn't be going home again tonight. It would prolong her agony. She missed him and she was determined to see him by hook or by crook.

"Okay, then I would ask Carl to drive you there. He happened to be in here at the office." Chad offered. Chad gave the address to Rachel before he called Carl.

As they approached the location of the branch office, Rachel couldn't help peeking out of the window and watching in awe of the building.

The building was one of the kind. The architecture was great and the design was a masterpiece. It stood tall and proud like a pearl inside a shell. The lobby was classic and spacious. It had a high ceiling and stained glass windows. In the alley hanged masterpieces of famous contemporary artists. Rachel held her breath as she entered the building.

It was said that only important and confidential meetings were held here. VIP and high-end businessmen were the only ones allowed to enter.

It had three stories underground, which served as the Stream Company's research and development department in H City. A chosen few knew about this department, including senior leaders. Employees did not even know that the department existed.

Many technological products and innovations were designed and made in this department. Streams also had a research and development department situated in the US, and that was twice larger than the one in H Ci

sed Rachel and gave her a long and intense kiss. Hiram felt sorry. He apologized to Rachel, "I'm sorry, Rachel. I'm quite busy these days. I need to get things done. I know you understand I'm doing this for you and the kids."

Rachel just smiled and said, "Hush, no more explanations. Let's go home now." They walked together to the door, with Hiram's arm on Rachel's waist. "Have you eaten yet?"

"No, not yet." "How about you, honey?" With his hand on her waist, Hiram walked towards the door with Rachel. When the staff saw them, he opened the door for them.

When they were out, a crisp evening breeze played upon Rachel's hair. She pressed herself towards Hiram feeling his warmth against the biting chill.

Inside the car, Rachel rubbed her cold shoulder and said, "Let's stop by the restaurant honey and have a bite. And by the way, are you going home tonight or you would stay at the office?"

Hiram looked at Rachel's starry eyes. He blasted into waves of laughter at Rachel's questions. "Yes, of course, honey! What kind of husband would I be if I won't go home after my lovely wife has waited for me! I will not put all your efforts in vain honey.

And besides I can't afford to let you go home alone dear," Hiram added.

Rachel extended her arms and reached for Hiram. She gave her an impassioned kiss. The kiss she meant was a quick one, but the moment Hiram's lips met hers she wanted more and wanted to go into it deeply.

Her hands were now stroking Hiram's hair and her lips quivered as they kissed passionately.

Hiram was the aggressive one every time they made love. So when Rachel lightly touched his lips with her tongue and tried to open his mouth, Hiram was slain. He tried to stop himself from laughing. Rachel wasn't doing it right, but Hiram didn't stop her.

"Rachel… Slow down, honey!"

Hiram dropped his voice and broke free from Rachel. Discerning that they were still at the front door of the building. Hiram started his car and drove away.

He seized for Rachel's hand, gave it a tight clasp and said with his husky voice, "It's just two days honey. You really missed me that much huh. Wait till we get home."

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