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   Chapter 527 You Bastard

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"Why don't you answer me?" Unna took a serious glance at Rachel as if she was already well informed about the situation at hand. Then she walked outside and shouted with surprise, "Daddy, you've returned!"

Rachel was left stunned for a little while. She found herself wondering whether Unna was too advanced for her age. Although she was still a young girl, she surprised Rachel, by simply figuring out what a relationship was like between adults.

After wondering about what Unna had said to her, Rachel left Unna's bedroom, and noticed that Marcus was back.

"I'm sorry. I just had a meeting. Sorry for keeping you for such a long time," Marcus said to Rachel in a calm and collective manner. Then he turned to Unna and said, "Unna, go upstairs for now. I want to talk to Rachel for a few minutes alone."

"Well, okay then," Unna responded obediently to her father. Then she glanced at Rachel and went upstairs.

After Unna left, Marcus had walked up to the studio which was locked. He stretched his finger and pressed a button gently. The studio's door opened.

"Mr. Ren, we'd better have a talk outside of the studio," Rachel said quickly, hesitant as Marcus was about to enter the studio. Before the studio's door was installed, they had a talk in that room once before.

She still remembered what had happened in that room on that particular day.

"What's wrong, Rachel? Please tell me that you're not afraid of me?" Furrowing his eyebrows, Marcus looked at Rachel with bright reassuring eyes. "I just want to show you something. That's all," he said.

After hearing him speak, Rachel felt relieved, thinking that she was nervous for no apparent reason.

Even though she was currently with Marcus in his house, Celine might arrive at the house to look for her very soon. So, she didn't have to worry too much or fear that something unpleasant might happen to her.

With this in mind, she walked into the room, guessing that because this room was his studio, he might just want to show her some of his paintings.

After Rachel entered inside, the door suddenly closed behind her. She subconsciously turned her head to look towards the door, finding that Marcus was standing in front of it.

At that moment, she felt uneasy and shocked. Her heart was racing faster and faster.

"Can you tell me why you are afraid of me, please? I haven't done anything to hurt you before," Marcus said, staring at her anxious face.

He felt disappointed, noticing that she seemed to be startled, with horror in her eyes.

Rachel quickly backed away further and said, "No, I'm not afraid of you. I just feel like you have a strong aura and I'm a bit shocked by your overbearing, authoritative presence. So I won't dare to get too close to you."

Rachel struggled with her words. She didn't know how to answer Marcus and had made up an excuse instead.

"You are lying. Hiram is also a very confident, successful and powerful man, with an incredibly strong aura, just like me. However, why would you dare to get close to him and even marry him, if you feel this way about a man with an authoritative personality?" With these words, Marcus took a slight step towards her.

Rachel immediately stepped back again, accidentally hitting a drawing board that was covered with a white cloth. She didn't notice that it was a pain

aps she had guessed that he had a motive to do such a thing to her because he might leave H City forever, the same way Patrick did.

Marcus suddenly laughed and looked at her with curiosity. "Why do you ask me such a question? Do you think that I should leave here and wish you and Hiram happiness?

If you think in this way, then I'm afraid that you might be disappointed. I don't plan on leaving. Instead, I have decided to settle down in H City."

"What?" Rachel uttered. She was astonished by his audacity to say such a thing, especially after declaring his feeling towards her.

After he put a bottle of ice water to his face for a while, it looked less swollen and red. Then he fixed his eyes on Rachel again and said, "I finally meet a woman who has won my heart, so I'm not willing to leave here."

"What are you planning on doing?" Rachel felt even more scared upon hearing his words.

While noticing that she looked so fearful, Marcus laughed hysterically. "Rachel, seeing you act like a timid little girl just makes me want to kiss you again," he said.

Upon hearing him, Rachel immediately covered her mouth with her hand, backing away quickly.

"If I say that I just want to watch you from a distance for the rest of my life, instead of disturbing you deliberately, would you really believe me?"

Marcus suddenly said in a serious tone.

Rachel was restless when she saw him looking at her affectionately. So, she decided to look away immediately.

She didn't pay attention to the paintings inside the room once she had entered it, but at that moment, she began to notice them around her as the paintings' white cloth had dropped to the floor when she hit the drawing board by accident earlier.

To her surprise, she discovered that the woman in these paintings, was indeed her.

Rachel looked at the painting close to the window. The painting showed her sitting in a car, with only one side of her face displayed. Then she removed the white cloth of another painting, in which her whole face and even her back could be seen.

When she noticed that there was one more painting, she walked up to it to remove the white cloth. However, Marcus, who was walking behind her, shouted, "Don't!"

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