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   Chapter 526 He Has An Ulterior Motive

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Hiram was furious and Rachel remained calm. She decided not to utter a word.

"I was thinking about giving you freedom and space, so that you can handle such issues by yourself. I don't want to be associated in this. However, it seems that my patience and generosity did not yield any good result, but only made him even more blatant. The situation is becoming more awful now!"

Hiram mocked at Rachel.

Rachel descended her head, wrapped her hands around Hiram's waist and whispered,"Hiram, I swear. I have never met him in person unless we had a business discussion.

"Still I can't understand. Marcus set me up because of Flora. But I'm clueless about why he purchased such a big house in the Tulip Palace. I didn't know it until I got the plan for the house."

Rachel was puzzled. She really didn't know what qualities she had. Why was Marcus concerned about her this much?

Suddenly, Hiram lifted her little face and said,"That's because he has an ulterior motive!"

Sometimes, liking to someone could develop unknowingly. No one knew what Marcus was thinking now.

"Rachel, sometimes I really want to confine you in my estate so that no one could see you, especially men!"

Hiram felt enraged and envious once he thought of those men who were attracted to her in the past.

He could still understand that Patrick did all those things for revenge at first. Then what about the things happening next? Hiram couldn't think of any explanation other than Patrick genuinely falling in love with Rachel.

And there was Daniel who loved Rachel too. Although he was well-mannered to Rachel and he never crossed the boundary, Hiram knew that Daniel adored Rachel as much as he did.

Rachel looked average, but beyond looks, her character and qualities were pleasing, which naturally attracted lots of men. And yet, Rachel was totally unaware about it.

"Hiram, I can promise you that even though there is a prince who wants to entice me, I won't have an infatuation on him. I love you and only you!" Rachel said, concealing her face in Hiram's arms.

Hiram scraped Rachel's nose and said,"I know, Rachel. I'm sure about this, undoubtedly."

They had been married for so many years. Of course, Hiram would trust Rachel.

That was why he gave her so much liberty and space and let her deal with those things. It was better than he getting involved.

"By the way, I want to reveal the truth that the electrical accident i

to teach Unna.

"I understand now. Your husband is that handsome. I know why you despise my dad," Unna said nonchalantly. She rushed to the door on the right and opened her bedroom.

"Auntie Rachel, look at my bedroom. It's so mundane and lifeless. Why didn't you hear me back then? I need to embellish it in the future when I get the chance."

Rachel walked into Unna's bedroom. She looked around and said,"I think it is good. I guessed you would like this style."

"That's what you thought!" Unna grimaced. She signalled at an enormous oil painting hanging on wall and continued,"Look at that! I sketched that when I was ten. Is it ravishing?"

It was none other than Unna in the painting. She was wearing a white dress, standing on a grassland, with an alluring smile.

It was realistic and beautiful. But Unna, who was naughty, looked well-behaved in the painting.

"Yes, it is. You must have acquired something from your father, I guess. Not many kids at that age could draw exceptionally well like this." Rachel appreciated Unna, as she observed the painting.

Unna sat on a high chair, shaking her legs. "I heard from dad that you have a daughter too?"

"Uh-huh. She is turning 4 years soon and is going to nursery now." Rachel uttered as she glimpsed at Unna.

'What happened to Unna? Last time when she saw me, she was imprudent and obnoxious to me. Why did her attitude change so much today?' Rachel was puzzled.

Then Unna said something which shocked Rachel.

"So… you won't divorce your husband and live with my dad, right?"

Rachel went speechless by Unna's word. 'What?' she was astonished.

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