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   Chapter 525 Like Father Like Son

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Jonny felt like he couldn't stay in the primary class of his kindergarten anymore because he found that the songs that they were taught to recite and the books they were meant to read bored him to death.

He was interested in learning things that were a little more complex.

Rachel thought over it for a moment and said, "Okay, I get what you mean sweetie, and I'll discuss it with Daddy when he's home tonight. We'll see what we can do and if needed, we'll go to your school and discuss it with your teachers about skipping a grade."

"That's great! Thank you, Mom!" said Jonny, positively jumping around with his eyes filled with excitement. He was keen to learn more and not waste his time.

Rachel nodded, smilingly. She knew of her son's advanced intellectual ability in comparison to his peers. Skipping a grade was a big step and it would merit consulting Hiram.

At the same time, Joyce trotted into the living room with Snowball.

"Mommy, Mommy! Look at Snowball! Does he look like Snow White?" she asked, grinning.

She had just returned from Fannie's room and wanted to proudly parade her masterpiece.

Rachel chortled at the sight that now lay before her. Snowball dogtrotted into the room with a pink bow on his head and a pink princess dress that started below his neck and went down till his furry toes.

"Yes, he looks pretty, but do I need to remind you, sweetie? Snowball is a boy, and it appears that you have dressed him up as a girl," Rachel corrected her in a mild tone.

"I know, but I don't care. I like to play with princesses, and that's why I dressed him like one too!" Joyce looked at Snowball and pouted smugly.

Meanwhile, Jonny hid behind his mother to escape the wrath of Joyce on her princess-warpath. She wanted to braid his hair the other day. Every time he thought of that he shuddered.

Snowball wore the dress all day long and even went to sleep like that.

When Hiram got home that night he was greeted by the sight of Snowball in a fluffy pink ensemble sleeping soundly in front of the staircase.

He furrowed his eyebrows and prodded it aside with his foot, and then walked upstairs.

Snowball immediately opened his eyes when he recognised Hiram. He dashed to his dog house as fast as his short legs could take him and lay down without a sound.

Rachel had made the bed and was ready to sleep when he entered their bedroom. Seeing him, she asked, "Did you have dinner?"

"Yes, and I didn't hear Jonny and Joyce when I was going up," said Hiram and took off his coat before he walked to her.

"They've already fallen asleep. They must have been exhausted today," replied Rachel as she adjusted the pillows.

Rachel's phone caught his eye as he passed by the desk. A second glance told him why - her screen was broken. He picked it up and asked, "What's happened to the phone?"

Rachel he

re you running at such a later hour in the night? But, this kind of running is quite impressive!" said Marcus, smirking at Rachel, as he pulled over by the couple and lowered his car windows.

At the same time, Rachel also saw Unna, who was sitting in the passenger seat and making a face at her.

She seemed unrepentant.

Hiram's eyebrows scrunched together slightly. He simply turned around and jogged homeward with Rachel in his arms completely ignoring Marcus.

He put Rachel down when they reached the front door and walked inside without waiting for her.

She had had a very bad feeling the moment she saw Marcus and quietly went inside closing the door behind her.

She walked up the stairs to their bedroom. "Hiram, are you there?" she asked as she entered their bedroom. Hiram was taking off his clothes to take a shower.

His lack of response to Rachel made her heart sink. She went close to him and grabbed his arm and murmured, "What's wrong? Are you mad at me?"

He took off his grey sporting pullover and replied without any emotion, "Nothing, I am going in for a shower." He detached himself from her grip and headed towards the bathroom.

Something clearly didn't feel right.

He was perfectly normal before they met Marcus.

Rachel sighed unhappily watching him walk into the bathroom. Then she turned to change her clothes.

When Hiram came out, she was lying on the bed, waiting for him.

Rachel couldn't breathe if she saw Hiram unhappy. It felt like a rock was suffocating her heart.

"Hiram... If you have something on your mind, please talk to me. I'm here for you, always!" A long silence followed her words and she gazed at him waiting for his reaction.

Hiram towelled his hair dry, threw the towel on the chair and got into bed. "What is it that you want me to say?" he chose to answer her question with another question and looked at her with cold eyes.

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