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   Chapter 523 A Spoiled Girl Indeed!

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Unna turned around and studied Rachel from her head to her toes, asking, "Just who do you think you are, if I may ask?"

"I am the designers' boss. If you have any problems, you can talk to me from now on," Rachel explained patiently as she pointed at a room, hinting to her that they should possibly have a private talk somewhere else.

Although Unna was attractive, Rachel could see that she was a tough girl and that it wouldn't be easy to get along with whatsoever.

"So, it was you who designed the house for us, right? Let me be clear Miss, it sucks!" Unna spoke her mind directly. She wasn't about to sugarcoat how she felt about the house and walked to the room with her nose up before Rachel.

"I'm wondering whether my dad has really reviewed the sketches you made... I just can't believe that he agreed with you to continue with your plans. Your work makes me sick!" Unna uttered without remorse.

Rachel entered the room after her and closed the door behind them. She couldn't help but let out a laugh, thinking about what a sharp tongue Unna had. She cleared her throat and explained, "Now, please be realistic, young lady. I've seen the changes you made, and yes, I admit that you have some modern ideas. However, if I'm being honest, it's not a suitable house for someone to live in the long run.

Besides, you might have missed some important points. For example, you might want to shift your attention from how to make it look nicer, and rather focus on the security of the house. This is your home, and I bet that you want to live in a comfortable, yet safe place every day. Could you imagine having to be scared of living in your own home?"

Rachel tried to persuade Unna to forget about her silly ideas, thinking that she would succeed. All things considered, even though she was young, Unna was old enough to be reasoned with about the house, which made Rachel feel slightly nervous.

Unna suddenly contradicted Rachel carelessly, "So what? What if I grow tired of it later? I'll just have to take it apart and remodel it once again. I don't care! I always get excited about trying new things, and consistency bores me! Don't try to persuade me to change my mind!

Just do what I ask you to do! That's what we're paying you for after all, isn't it?"

"Really? What about your father's opinion though? Will he agree with you?" Rachel counteracted. Anyway, Rachel didn't believe that Marcus would indulge his daughter for messing about something he had already approved.

A sudden hesitation appeared in Unna's eyes when she heard that Rachel mentioned her father. However, she remained stubborn about the situation and blurted out, "My daddy is quite occupied at all times and he won't have time to deal with such small matters. He always respects me and will do whatever I ask him to do. Thus, listening to me is a better idea, than taking his word for it."

"Alright, I understand. I hope you can think over what I have said today carefully. Your d

l lowering her head, looking down at the floor.

"Unna, will you please apologize to Aunt Rachel! She has done nothing, but show kindness and reason towards you," Marcus urged his daughter.

Unna walked closer to them reluctantly and said casually, "I'm very sorry, Aunt Rachel!"

"Please be serious about your apology," Marcus corrected his daughter.

Unna then stood up straight and bowed to Rachel, "I'm sorry that I broke your phone, Aunt Rachel. I feel terrible about having caused such a great inconvenience here!"

Rachel patted her on her shoulders and said with a pleasant smile, "It's nothing, Unna. Let's forget it now!"

Regardless of her apology, Rachel failed to notice that Unna was still glaring at her savagely and snorted in her mind.

Of course, Rachel understood what was going on in Unna's mind, but she didn't take it seriously whatsoever. She had a daughter herself and would never be as serious with a little girl.

They left the room together and went to see the decorations of other rooms in the newly-decorated house.

Seeing that her father was not around and Rachel was going downstairs, Unna hissed at Rachel from behind, "It's all your fault! My daddy never blames me for anything! You've turned him against me! It's all because of you!"

Rachel looked back at her and said, "Unna, listen to me. Your daddy corrected you for your own good. Please think about my words and you'll understand later when you're all grown up."

"Please save your advice for yourself! It's none of your business!" Unna sneered. She then stepped forward and was about to push Rachel down the staircase...

The staircases weren't finished yet, and there were still no railings installed. Rachel wasn't able to hold her ground, and stumbled down the stairs as Unna pushed her.

Suddenly, Marcus reached out his hands and grabbed her by the waist just in time.

"Stand where you are, Unna Ren!" he yelled at Unna furiously, who was running away out of guilt.

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