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   Chapter 522 A New Member Of The Family

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Hiram's driving instructions nagged her ears as Rachel bit her lip and tried to keep calm. When the car approached the pet store, she braked slowly just like Hiram had told her, and the car grounded to a halt outside the shop.

"Honey, get off," said Rachel to Hiram as she unfastened her seat belt.

"Why should we get off here?" Hiram asked, having no idea about his wife's intention.

"I want to buy a puppy for the children," Rachel replied, pointing at the pet store.

"I don't like pets," grumbled Hiram, frowning at Rachel's mention of buying a puppy.

Hiram had never had pets in the house, not since birth.

"Why? Pets are so cute. Nowadays, it is a common trend to have a pet. I see a lot of friends post pictures with their pets on social media. So I want to buy our children a pet. It will be a good playmate for them, and this will be a good chance for them to build a lasting relationship with animals,"

Rachel said cheerfully, getting off the car.

Despite his unwillingness, Hiram got out of the car reluctantly and entered the pet store behind his wife.

As they entered the store Hiram wrinkled his nose at the odor of the pet store.

Rachel was at ease because the pet store was like any other store to her. She was overjoyed at seeing such cute animals. The lively Teddy, the lazy Shar Pei and the especially the miniature Chihuahua.

"Honey, look, they are so cute. I don't want to get attached to all of them, so tell me which one should we take," asked Rachel, turning to her husband who was still standing at the door.

"Pets are noisy. Can we just go?" Hiram replied flatly, walking towards Rachel with his hands in his pockets.

The puppies stared at the unfriendly man and kept barking.

Rachel laughed at this scene. "Oh, I like this one. it's so tiny and cute!" Rachel exclaimed as soon as she saw a minuscule white Pom.

She took the Pom into her arms and brushed his soft white hair with her hand.

"Madam, I must say you have a good sense of choice. It's a purebred royal Pom. We have only one here. He is almost three-months-old, very active, clever and has a good temperament. What's more, it is a very low maintenance dog and it is popular among children," said the shop assistant who came to help them.

"What do you think? Oh, I really love this one," asked Rachel, smiling at Hiram with the Pom snuggled in her arms.

Hiram shrugged his shoulders and then said, "Take it if you like."

Rachel shot off to buy the puppy the moment she heard Hiram's approval. The children had asked for a dog a long time ago, but at the time, she felt that the kids were too young. Now they were old enough to appreciate a pet.

Before Rachel took the Pom, the shop assistant bathed it, checked its he

rk progress. It's really tiresome!"

"You mean Marcus's daughter?" Rachel asked in a confused voice. She didn't remember Marcus having a daughter.

Finally, she recalled that Marcus had told her that he had adopted a daughter. This girl was about twelve or thirteen. It was clear that she was not of a very sweet disposition.

Looking at what she had done to Celine.

"Did she ask us to change the decoration plan again?" Rachel asked as she took the design blueprint on the desk and read it.

"Yes, the young lady has just returned only a few days ago and it is already the third time that she asked us to change the plan.

What if she has new ideas again in a few days, what should we do? Change the plan as she requires? Then can we ever finish the work?" Celine replied in a dispirited tone.

Rachel went through the blueprint and said, "Keep the original design. I'll go and talk with her and try to persuade her to stick to one final decision."

Celine straightened her body and said, "That would be fine! But I have to remind you that the girl is quite cunning. I heard that she likes swimming and taekwondo. Please don't underestimate her. She is not easy to deal with."

"Okay, I get it," replied Rachel. She had heard about this girl. Her name was Unna, and she had a very strong personality.

Rachel went back to Tulip Palace later that afternoon. After greeting her mother and her children, Rachel decided to drop by Marcus's new house. The house was very near Tulip Palace so she walked there.

As she approached she heard a girl's voice issuing instructions to the workers, sometimes in Chinese and sometimes in English.

When she stepped in, she saw the back of the girl with a ponytail. She wore a long flowing baby pink dress.

"Are you Unna? May I have a word with you?" Rachel asked with a smile.

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