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   Chapter 521 Rachel Drives

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The scenario unfolded in Rachel's eyes as if everything were in slow motion. She could see every detail in Albert and Mandy's faces, and her heart dropped as she saw him lose his footing and fall.

She looked to her side and saw that Hiram was already on his feet. She watched him dash to the edge in the blink of an eye when she had just taken merely two steps. She didn't even notice when Hiram had moved.

Hiram was now grasping one of Albert's hands with his while Mandy was gripping the other.

They were hanging against the edge of the building. Hiram gritted his teeth against the burn in his arms from their weight and the pull of gravity.

The onlookers below them gasped when they saw the scene. They couldn't see faces, but they saw the figures of two bodies suspended by the building.

The atmosphere around them was strained, as if everything and everyone were on edge. The firemen were immediately in motion and ran up the building. The onlookers kept watching on the hanging figures as if it was a scene from a TV soap. At such height, even a rescue air-cushion on the ground might not be able to save their lives.

When the firemen arrived at the top, they wasted no time in pulling the two people up.

They heaved with great difficulty, but at long last, Albert and Mandy were finally pulled to safety.

Mandy crumpled to the floor. She could still feel the earlier weightlessness when she was hanging for her life on the building's edge. She shivered and took deep breaths as the realization that she did not really want to die hit her. One small slip could have really ended everything.

A hand settled on her shoulder, soothing her. She recognized Albert's warm and gentle voice as he murmured close to her, "It's okay now. You're safe." He repeated his words and Mandy was able to find her breath again.

Rachel stood dumbfounded. Now that Mandy and Albert were safe, she was finally able to breathe again. Then, she ran toward Hiram. She instinctively held out her hands and took his, examining the redness in his palms and fingers. "Are you okay? How're your hands?" Rachel asked, her voice thick with concern.

"I think it's nothing serious, but I'm going to see the doctor later. Just to be sure," Hiram replied, rubbing his shoulders. He could still feel the strain on his shoulders, and he knew that his muscles were probably going to punish him for his recklessness, but the most important thing right now was that Albert and Mandy were safe. He huffed out a breath, finally recognizing the exhaustion from everything that had just transpired.

"What do you mean nothing serious? There were two grown people hanging on your arms," murmured Rachel as she pressed her fingers to his arms and shoulders to relieve some tension from there. Seeing him frown at her light touch, Rachel felt even more worried.

At this moment, Albert got up and walked toward them. With his head bowed, he said, "Thank you, Mr. Rong!"

"If it weren't for you, Mandy and I would have died for sure. We owe you our lives," he added in gratitude.

Mandy saw Albert bowing and immediately she was at his side, kneeling. "Rachel, Mr. Rong, I'm so sorry! It was all my fault!

Albert almost got killed because of me.

I shouldn't have been so rash! And I shouldn't have done such stupid things. I'm so sorry!" Mandy cried, her tears dropping on the concrete floo

even smiling to herself. Shaking his head, Hiram silently swore to himself that he would never let her drive again.

Although there were more and more skillful women drivers nowadays, Rachel, without a doubt, wasn't one of them. She could double the risk of accidents with just her driving skills alone.

Rachel drove in silence, and at last, sensed Hiram's worry. She glanced at him and asked with her eyebrows raised, "What? What are you so worried about? Maybe I should drive more myself in the future. I shouldn't always let Carl chauffeur me. I have a driving license anyway. It would be a waste not to use it," she said.

Hiram snapped up at her declarations. "That won't be necessary. You are going to take away Carl's job. Forget about your license. You don't need it," Hiram retorted, trying to convince her otherwise.

He really didn't trust her reflexes. "Plus, you're careless. Just let Carl drive you. It would be better that way," he finished.

Hearing Hiram's words, Rachel turned her head and glared at him. Hiram saw a car approaching them.

"What did I just say? Look ahead! Come on, let me drive!" he said a little more loudly.

Pouting, Rachel turned her head and looked back to the front. Then, mischievously, she stepped hard on the gas, and the car accelerated abruptly.

Hiram caught his breath at the sudden change in speed and relented. "Fine, fine. I get it. If you really love driving, I'll find a place where you can practice as much as you want. But right now that we're on the actual road, you should pay more attention to safety, especially when…" said Hiram, breaking out into a cold sweat.

"Hiram Rong," Rachel suddenly shouted, interrupting him. "Can't you say anything nice? I know you're a better driver, and I don't even come close to you in skill, but I am driving anyway. Can't you even pretend to encourage me for a bit?"

Hiram was silent for a moment, and then said, "You are doing pretty good now, but it would be better if you don't slam the brake and step on the gas pedal at the same time, and you're holding the steering wheel wrong, also..."

Rachel was at a loss for words with Hiram's "encouragement". She drowned his words in her mind as she rolled her eyes and focused on driving.

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