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   Chapter 520 About to Jump Off A Building

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When Rachel arrived, she saw that Albert was already there.

He was shouting at Mandy, holding out his hand to her, "Mandy! Calm down! Don't be so impulsive! We can talk this out!" He heaved from the strain in his voice and lungs, but he continued.

"I know. I know that breaking up may be a little sudden for you, but I just don't think we are right for each other. You're a great person, and I didn't mean to hurt you. Please, just take my hand and come down from there."


Mandy was sitting on the edge of the building, her skin pallid, and her face devoid of any expression. In such a cold day, she was wearing nothing more than a thin sweater, and the harsh wind blew her cheeks red.

"Albert… I really don't want to live anymore. I want to find my father, because in the world, only he won't abandon me!" she screamed back, and hot tears scalded her cold skin.

"I have nothing to lose. Rather than living alone, I think it would better for me to end this." She heaved, her breaths breaking between sobs.

"I've lived with nothing but pain, and I can't do it anymore. There is nothing waiting for me in my future, and this life is empty. There wouldn't be any reason to keep doing this..." she said more quietly, a sad smile breaking from her chapped lips.

Albert didn't know what words he could say to comfort her. At that moment, he saw Rachel coming up, running towards them.

"Rachel, help me," he said in a panic. "I don't know what I can say to her to stop her. I broke up with her yesterday, because I don't think we can be happy together. But I didn't expect she would take this too hard. We can't let her do this. We have to stop her," his voice shook as he pleaded to her for help.

Rachel who was still panting from running, looked at Mandy who was seated at the edge of the building. Instead of calling out to her, she asked Albert, looking at him straight in the eyes. "Albert, tell me the truth, do you really have no feelings for Mandy?"

Her voice was neither a shout nor a whisper, but she was sure that Mandy could hear it.

Albert hesitated, confused at her question, and then said, "She has been very good to me these two years. It's impossible for me not to feel anything for her. I stayed with her because I wanted to.

and my feelings for her are real."

He was not made of stone. For the two years, his feelings for her grew each day, even though he knew that she was approaching him for something more.

"Did you hear that, Mandy? Albert still loves you... " Rachel stepped toward Mandy, and shouted, "There are different people in this world, and there are more ways than one when feelings grow. Many couples still end up together after a lot of struggles." She continued to step towards her, saying, "If you think you don't deserve Albert, then you should work harder to

d. "No, no! Albert, you are such a good man, you shouldn't die and you don't deserve to die! Go back and leave me!"

"Well, if you don't want me to die, then…" Albert took her by the wrist and said, gazing into her tear-streaked eyes, "Stay with me."

Mandy caught her breath, as tears continued to flow. Albert continued. "Stay with me, and promise me that you won't keep anything from me, and I'll be the same. I'll tell you everything. There will be no secrets between us."

Placing her hand on his chest, he gave her a small smile and said, "My feelings for you are real, Mandy."

Mandy felt her knees buckle upon his steady and warm gaze, "Really?" she managed to say. "Are you sure you want to stay up with me?"

"Only if you will too." Albert said. That was all he wanted. For her to trust him and his feelings enough to tell him everything.

Mandy sobbed and nodded, "Okay, okay. I will not hide anything from you again! I'll never meet another man, and if I have to, I will tell you…" She stepped forward and buried her face in his chest as Albert draped his jacket around her and wrapped her in his arms. "I'm sorry, Albert! I'm so sorry!"

She let her emotions free as Albert murmured to her while stroking her hair.

Upon watching the entire scene with bated breath, Rachel was finally able to breathe. The firefighters and policemen from down below also visibly relaxed when the saw Mandy in Albert's arms.

When she had calmed down, Albert tried to lead her away from the edge of the rooftop.

However, Mandy's limbs shook from standing too long, and she felt her legs giving way from under her. She lost control of her body and was slipping when Albert reached out to her to pull her back.

But as he was doing so, his foot slipped.

Mandy's scream rang through the air, and Albert felt as if he was weightless as he fell from the towering building.

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