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   Chapter 519 Hiram Was Drunk

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Hiram looked at the smile in her eyes and knew what Rachel thought. He sat down next to her on the bed. He said, "Well, I admit, my dear, that I am drunk. And I just want to make you smile. It makes me happy."

Rachel's smile dropped in an instant and felt guilty. 'I knew he was drunk, ' she thought, 'And I, his own wife, made a mockery of him, asking him to stand up and try to walk. Why did I tease him like that?'

Rachel helped Hiram take off his coat. "It's getting late. Why don't you go to bed early?" Rachel suggested.

As Hiram took off his coat, he murmured, "Hmm." But, really, he was so totally sober that he wasn't in the mood to sleep.

Rachel knew Hiram liked to sleep nude. So she patiently released each button of his shirt, exposing his picturesque chest. Then she moved down and unbuttoned his pants.

Hiram was lying on the bed. He saw Rachel taking off his clothes. Rachel didn't do this for him often, so he became happy.

After taking off his clothes, she sighed in relief. She lay beside him and nuzzled her head into his shoulder, preparing to sleep.

"Wow, honey, thank you ..." Hiram said. He was a smiling fool, still out of his mind with pleasure. He kissed her forehead.

Rachel closed her eyes, soaking in the bliss of a job well done. She then looked at him. "Hiram? Are you asleep, honey?" Rachel asked quietly.

"No. What's wrong? Can't you sleep?" Hiram replied groggily. He rolled over and cuddled her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

"I just can't sleep for some reason," she whispered in his arms. "Can you ... sing a song for me?"

She hadn't heard Hiram sing in such a long time. She remembered when he sang on KTV with Luke many years ago. 'I would like to hear him serenading me again, ' she thought.

"What would you like me to sing to you, my darling?" Hiram asked softly. He pulled the quilt to cover her exposed shoulder.

Rachel thought for a moment and then said, "Whatever you choose, honey. As long as you sing, I'll be happy."

Hiram was silent as he thought of a good song. Then, his beautiful baritone voice filled the bedroom.

Enchanted by her husband's voice, Rachel blushed and smiled. She closed her eyes to take it all in.

She thought, 'I once thought that life was like this ...

I enjoyed the common life. Nothing important ever happened. Everything was fine.

But everything changed when I met Hiram. He made me want a better life and have a family with him. Even when things got complicated, I still cho

xiety. She stood up, took her coat and went to leave.

"Where are you going?" Hiram called after her.

He also stood, leaving the book on the table.

"Mandy wants to jump off that building, and I can't let that happen. So I'm going to try to talk her down!" Rachel replied quickly as she put on her coat. She opened the door to the rain outside.

Although it wasn't a complete downpour, a bitter wind nipped at Rachel's face.

Hiram followed Rachel, grasped her hand and said, "I will take you to the ZX Building."

As they got into the car, Rachel sighed, "Uncle Nico helped me and my mother so much when he was alive. Mandy has lived alone since he died. Although Mandy has a bad reputation, she is the only daughter of my uncle. So I must save her life."

Hiram said nothing, but acknowledged to himself his wife's kindness. It was the reason he married her. He drove the car out of the gate and onto the road.

When they arrived at the building, a huge crowd of people stood, their necks craned toward the sky.

Although it was drizzling, they didn't care about it. They pointed to the top of the building and said, "This woman looks fine. Why would she want to kill herself?"

"I guess she is upset that she was abandoned by her boyfriend," one person said.

"Huh! Maybe you're right. Young people are too impulsive these days to take their life seriously!" another replied.

"Yeah, I wonder if her parents know, they'd be so ashamed! Such a daughter like this ..." someone said.

Rachel passed through the crowd and rushed to the building's gate.

Hiram didn't want to be here, but he was worried about Rachel and followed her into the building.

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