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   Chapter 518 Being Most Attractive When Getting Drunk

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I can't find a man like Albert. He's the one for me, and you are ruining my life."

Rachel was moved by the desperation in Mandy's voice as she shouted and cursed in anger.

"Mandy, calm down. I have nothing to do with Albert's decision. He's having a hard time adjusting to you in the first place. He is suspecting that you are having an affair with someone because you are always out there partying and flirting with other men," explained Rachel.

Mandy had this attitude of always blaming others whenever something bad fell on to her. She never learned to figure out the reason of the matter first. Furious, Mandy sneered,"Me? Having an affair with someone? Oh for heaven's sake, Rachel."

"Do you think I don't know about your filthy secrets? Ha! Miss perfect?" Mandy threatening Rachel.

"I know your little secrets dear, and I'm sure you would not let Hiram know. I'm telling you if you won't let me have a peaceful life, I will never let you off and lay all the cards on the table. You know how I play, girl," Mandy added. After hearing Mandy's blackmails, Rachel asked her out of her confusion,"Mandy, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean?

Do you think I don't know that Albert had a crush on you before? Ahhh, so I'm not the one who has an affair here. I think it's you, Rachel,"

Mandy replied over the phone angrily.

With these words coming from Mandy, Rachel ended the call and turned her phone off.

Mandy was so reckless that she was so overpowered by her anger and didn't realize that the words from her mouth were no longer pleasant.

Rachel let the matter sink in through her manages to compose herself. On her mind, she imagined that Mandy might have realized her faults by now and she would be sorry. But in fact, Mandy was still so unreasonable.

She knew how hard it is to change a person's character, let alone change that of Mandy who was way more mature. But what she did this time was far below the belt.

Rachel was in a good mood earlier, but it was replaced by nuisance and hate after talking with Mandy over the phone. A couple of minutes after the incident, Rachel calmed down with the help of a cup of chamomile tea.

She was now lying on her bed ready to sleep. The bed felt empty without Hiram by her side. She suddenly missed her husband.

Two hours had passed and sleep had not dawned upon Rachel. She tossed and turned on the oversized bed, wishing Hiram was home.

She yawned and her eyes were now heavy. She heaved a deep sigh as she heard the old clock chime 12 times.

She finally had fallen into a deep slumber.

Meanwhile, Hiram pushed open the bedroom door and entered dragging his footsteps. He was drunk, and all he wanted to do was to rest his head on a fluffy pillow. Doing that, however, was a sacrifice for Hiram at the moment. His head was dizzy and his eyes were half closed. Reaching the bedside table, he lost his balance and fell on the floor with a loud thud.

The bed made an eerie sound and the cushions sagged on his

him a smile and said,"Okay, I know you won't break your promise.

For now, let me give you a hot bath so you can rest. You need to sleep," Rachel added, standing up to get some towels on the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Rachel kept on rewinding Hiram's words on her mind, feeling delighted and satisfied. His words were like the sunshine in the winter, warming her. She felt like a teenager experiencing her first hint of puppy love.

Despite the mirth, Rachel couldn't help herself from thinking why Hiram would get himself drunk. She was convinced by his reasons and there was something on the back of her mind saying that there was a deeper reason behind his actions. But she was so exhilarated at the moment that she dismissed the idea. She did not want to ruin the blissful moment.

She was staring blankly at the bathroom mirror.

Her dull moment was cut short by the sound of water against the sink as the water on the basin overflowed.

She returned to the sofa with the basin and the towels in her hand.

Hiram was still awake and was staring outside the window. His thoughts seemed far and deep. Rachel helped him clean himself up.

"Dear, do you think that I'm drunk?" Hiram asked with a frown, looking at Rachel who seemed to be amused.

Rachel burst into laughter and said, "You aren't drunk? Can you stand up and take a few steps?"

When he heard her, Hiram propped his hand against the bed to support himself and stood up. He was about to walk to prove that he didn't get drunk.

But when he just stood up, he began to stagger forward a step. He immediately kept himself balanced and stood steadily.

Rachel covered her mouth, trying to keep from laughing. She nodded and cleared her throat, saying, "You're not drunk!"

Rachel seldom saw him get drunk like that.

So she started to think whether there was anything else about him mystifying her. If she had some questions in mind, she intended to ask him tonight because the one who was intoxicated was more apt to speak honestly.

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