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   Chapter 517 Kids' Friendship

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Smiling warmly, Hiram said, "Mr. Ji, I remember the last time I saw you was five years ago in Paris."

"Yes. Both of us were attending the Communication convention, that's held once every ten years. I must say you really impressed me back then." Mr. Ji said with real appreciation, his eyes sparkling.

Undoubtedly, Hiram was an icon among his peers.

All of them were coming from rich families. However, what distinguished him from the rest was that he had succeeded in his family enterprise at a very young age and expanded the business of the Streams Company branch all over the world. Courageously following his entrepreneurial spirit, he had tried to dabble in some new areas, and got good results - every time, with no exception.

Everyone could agree he was definitely a model for his counterparts.

"I'm flattered. Your outstanding performance left a deep impression on me too." Hiram replied and smiled modestly.

Looking at her husband and Hiram, Mrs. Ji noted cheerfully, "You're both talents. Stop being so humble. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Rong. I'm Roya. This is my husband, Howard Ji. These are my sons, Simon and Glen. Simon is the older brother.

I'm so sorry they broke your daughter's kite. I apologize to you on their behalf."

Hearing that, Rachel smiled and said, "It's alright. It's just a kite. They're all kids and pretty soon will get along and play as best friends."

At that time, they all looked at the little ones.

"Sweetie, please, don't cry! Glen, there's a kite in our car. Go and bring it to the girl and see if she likes it or not." Suddenly Simon remembered that, indeed, there was a brand new kite in their car.

They had flown one kite together, as Glen had wanted to play with him.

Hearing that, he exclaimed unhappily, "But that's your favorite kite. You have not played with it even once, since you bought it."

"So what? I broke her kite. That was my bad. So I should compensate her with a new one." Seeing his little brother reluctant to bring the kite, Simon ran to the car himself.

Before long he came back with the wonderful new kite, that was shaped like a wild goose. Even though its color was not as beautiful as that of the butterfly kit, it had a delicate design and looked pretty.

Seeing there was a present for her, Joyce stopped crying and wiped away her tears with a smile, shining on her pretty face. She stared at Simon and snorted a humph.

Cheerfully grabbing the kite from Simon's hands, she whimpered, "Since you gave me a new one, we're even now. My mom told me that I should be kind to p

osing the wedding dress. Which one do you think is the best?

How's this one?

What about that one?"

Celine sent pictures of various models to Rachel to ask for the help of her dear friend. She really counted on her opinion to select the best, most astonishing and breathtaking wedding dress.

Leaning against the headboard and flipping through the images, sent by Celine, Rachel thought that she was so eager to get married and to chose her wedding dress, even though it was so early yet.

"They both look pretty. But I think the first one is better." She typed this message and sent it quickly to her friend.

Then she checked the clock and found out it was time to remove the mask. So she put the phone on the table and got up to go to the bathroom.

Her mobile phone started ringing, just as she went back to the bedroom. Thinking it was Celine, she quickly picked it up, without checking who it was.

But to her surprise, she heard crying from the other end of the line.

"Rachel! What did you tell to Albert?"

Startled and puzzled, she checked who was calling and saw that was Mandy. Actually, she hadn't contacted her for a long time. Rachel replied slowly, "Mandy? Why do you say that? I haven't told him anything."

"You haven't? Really? Then why does Albert want to break up with me?

We were on good terms before and everything was going great. But all of a sudden he decided to break up with me after seeing you. Rachel! I've begged you not to tell him anything about my past. I didn't expect you're so mean to go and disclose everything to him! I'm terribly disappointed with you!"

Mandy said angrily. She sounded totally convinced that Rachel had told Albert all her secrets.

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