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   Chapter 516 Small And Big Kites

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The cloudless sky and the slight chill in the air were so enticing. Rachel's straw hat was blown by the air but was instantly caught by Hiram who was just behind her.

Johnny and Joyce wanted to fly kites, that was why Hiram and Rachel took them to the fields.

The wind was a little stronger in the fields, an excellent spot for kite flying.

Joyce ran happily on the broad lawn, and Rachel followed alongside to help her launch the kite to fly.

"Mommy! Look! My butterfly kite is flying in the sky!" Joyce shouted excitedly, seeing her butterfly kite in the air.

With her hands on the string and her eyes fixed on her kite, Joyce was amazed to see a blue kite flying higher than hers. She called out to her mother saying, "Mommy, mommy, look! Jonny's kite is flying very high! Amazing, right? I want my kite flying as high as his too, please. Can you help me?"

Rachel looked to the other side of the field and saw Hiram was helping Jonny to fly the kite. They both looked up at Johnny's eagle kite drifting high with the wind.

Her eyes and heart leaped a little witnessing the moment. The man she loved most with the miniature version of him, their eyes brimming with genuine happiness. That scene was as beautiful as a portrait and priceless as any gem.

Then Rachel took a photo with her mobile phone capturing the memory that they would reminisce about in the future.

"Yes. Joyce, wait a second. Mommy's helping you now," Rachel replied to her daughter as she pulled the kite line while running forward in big strides. The kite flew high but the eagle kite soared higher.

Hiram turned around and saw Rachel running on the lawn. He could not help but adore her beauty, her cheeks red from the mild scorch from the sun and the wind blowing on her hair. She was perfect in her own way. He smiled and gave the kite line to Jonny before walking towards Rachel.

"Come on honey! Give it to me, I'll help you." Hiram offered.

Rachel was busy staring at the kite flying in the sky. She was surprised when she looked down and saw Hiram was next to her. With that, she loosened her hold of the string. She handed the kite line to him and said with a smile, "Fly it as high as Jonny's, otherwise your daughter will be unhappy."

Feeling the rope running away from her hands, Rachel tried to run after it but she lost her balance and was about to fall head first to the grass. Thanks to Hiram's quick reflexes he was able to catch her holding her waist with one hand and supporting her head with the other. Their noses touched and they were about to kiss when Joyce shouted, "Dad, you're so awesome!" Hiram and Rachel just burst out

his gaze to the elder of the two boys.

That place was a golf course. Hiram had chosen it because it was safe and quite private for there were only a few guests on that day. Only the elites can afford to visit the golf course.

Beside the elder boy was his younger brother. He is almost two or three years younger than his brother.

He was frowning and tugged his elder brother's side.

"Brother, it's just a kite. Let dad pay her with money. You don't need to send a new one to her home, Why waste time?" That younger boy said, his eyes fixed on Joyce.

"We broke her kite. It's our fault. It's not right to just pay her with money," That elder brother said. Seeing that Joyce can't stop herself from crying, he knew that money wouldn't solve this problem, so he didn't bother to resort to money.

Meanwhile, Jonny pulled back his kite and walked to her sister's side thinking of ways on how to console her.

Jonny was younger than the two boys, but he didn't look afraid. "Joyce, don't cry. I'll let you borrow my kite. That big brother said he didn't do it on purpose. So don't be angry, okay?" Johnny gestured towards Joyce.

Joyce's mind couldn't be changed at the moment. She was so outraged with anger that she stared at the elder brother angrily and said, "No! The sky is so wide. Why did he fly his kite near ours?

Apparently, they did it on purpose! They really want to tear my butterfly kite apart."

Midway Joyce's hysterical shouts, the parents of these two boys walked over. They were not annoyed at Joyce blaming their son. Instead, they couldn't help but smile at the sight of arguing kids.

"Mr. Rong, nice to see you again." The father of the two boys, who was a good looking fellow stepped forward and shook hands with Hiram.

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