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   Chapter 515 My Blessed Life

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Rachel rubbed her cheek and laughed. "For me..."

with that, she unbuckled her seatbelt so that she could move more freely. "I'm praising you, do you get it?" she asked sweetly and kissed him.

Hiram smiled, looking at her.

After returning to the Tulip Palace, Rachel walked into the kid's bedroom to kiss them goodnight, then returned to her own room.

She saw Hiram coming out of the bathroom after his shower.

"Honey, are you really taking an off tomorrow?"

asked Rachel. She had plans to take the children out tomorrow to meet and make friends. Their mansion had more than enough amusement facilities for the children but she felt that meeting other kids would be good for her kids.

"Yes. I am taking the day off tomorrow," answered Hiram while he used a towel to dry his hair. He had been so occupied with business lately that he had had no time to rest.

"Then, do you have any other commitments tomorrow?" Rachel asked. She changed into her pyjamas and walked over to him.

Hiram took a second before he answered, "I can take the children out to play tomorrow and I want to go and spend some time with Mom and Dad before coming back. What do you think?"

Rachel nodded encouragingly. "No problem! Sounds like a great idea! The kids haven't visited their grandparents since the commencement of the school year. It's time they meet grandpa and grandma!"

Rachel also wanted to know how things were with Gavin and Joanna since Lydia's death. She hoped they were better now, and also figured that meeting the grandkids might raise their spirits.

In the shower, Rachel kept feeling that there was something she had to tell Hiram but couldn't remember what it was, until she went to bed.

"Well, Hiram..." Rachel remembered what her aunt had said to her when she had visited XH Village.

She had promised to pass on the message to Hiram.

"Yes?" asked Hiram as he got into bed and wrapped his arms around Rachel's shoulders.

Rachel hesitated for a while, wondering how to broach the subject. She had never asked Hiram for any favors, especially any business related favors, and now she didn't know how to explain.

"Come on! Don't hum and haw." Hira

led the quilt over her and tucked her in. He had been thinking about having sex with her just now, but seeing as she was already asleep he did not pursue it.

He took a deep breath and then bent over and kissed her lips.

"Good night, Honey."

With that, he switched off the light.

Rachel slept soundly until dawn.

"Mom, time to get up. The sun is up!"

quipped the voice of her daughter. She had laid on the bed on her stomach and waited for Rachel to wake up but couldn't help herself any longer.

It was Sunday and Hiram had promised to take her and Jonny out to play after Rachel woke up. So Joyce ran to her mother's room.

Rachel opened her eyes for a second before closing them again. She was desperate for just a few more minutes of sleep.


squealed Joyce when she saw Rachel close her eyes again. They couldn't go out till Mom woke up!

Eventually, Rachel opened her eyes and looked at Joyce groggily.

The next second, Hiram strolled into the room and picked up Joyce in his arms and said, "Sweetheart, come out with Dad and let Mom sleep a little longer."

Hearing that, Rachel was moved. She smiled as she watched Hiram take Joyce out.

'How lucky I am to have such a thoughtful husband!' she thought.

Rachel finally stretched herself and sat up on the bed.

'I really should get up now!

The sunshine is amazing outside, it will be a huge waste if we don't go out today, ' thought Rachel to herself.

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