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   Chapter 514 Heartless

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If there were even words that could describe how Flora felt right now, it would be disturbed. Deeply, deeply disturbed.

The man, who she had given everything to, all of herself, her energy, her time, just gave his heart to another woman, just like that.

Much to her surprise now, it seemed that the only best friend she had also had Rachel on his radar.

No, she would never allow it to happen. She needed to act quick.

"What's up? I've never heard anything like that. You know I can't resist a powerful voice," Marcus said carelessly. He saw Flora's expression and asked, "Is something wrong?"

Flora took a glass of beer from the table, took a sip and shook her head before replying, "A good singer? As the wife of the Streams Company's president, isn't it a shame of her to sing at such a humble place? It seems she doesn't think about her husband at all!"

Marcus couldn't believe what she was saying. He finished his beer in one chug and directed his attention back to the couple on stage.

"I didn't see her do anything wrong. Times are changing. She's entitled to her own happiness and independence. I don't think it is appropriate for anyone else to judge her, and look, her husband is here with her now," he couldn't help but defend Rachel.

But his words poured oil over Flora's fire, and she became irate with Rachel.

"Marcus, please," she complained and glared at him displeased, "why are you speaking for her? Please don't forget that you're my friend, not hers!"

She scarfed down a bite of dessert and teased him, "You know what? No one forgot the night you two spent together."

Even though Marcus was always gentle in front of her, he was pissed and he was not hiding it.

"Flora, leave it in the past where it belongs," Marcus said sternly.

"Are you mad at me?" Flora rumbled and saw the coldness on his face, "please don't be mad. I'm drunk."

She was pretty puzzled and found it hard to express her jealousy and insecurity.

She was also a woman and a lot more attractive than Rachel, but oddly, men never seemed to realize it.

Hiram knew that Rachel had slept with Marcus one night.

It was far beyond her reach of being able to understand.

After Rachel finished her song, all the guests burst into thunderous applause.

She showed her gratitude with a polite bow and then scurried off the stage.

The manager of the restaurant was rather overwhelming and he sent another two warm plates of food to Rachel and Hiram for free. Rachel felt ravenous after perfor

been retired for a while," Hiram revealed Flora's secret to her.

He learned Flora's family status by accident and ever since, she never wanted to talk about her family. He pretended not to know.

Rachel was sharply hit by the truth and said surprisingly, "That's quite unexpected! And it was really brave of her to run a restaurant and be the chef at the same time, since she's from a rich and powerful family."

She suddenly began to admire Flora for her courage. It was rare and commendable that a woman could bear the adversities of running a restaurant by herself.

However, in the next second, Rachel remembered that it was possible because of the man sitting beside her. She glanced at Hiram, poked him with her elbow and said sourly, "Speaking of that, it was all for you, or because of you. She sacrificed her luxurious lifestyle and was willing to have nothing just to be around you. You really should appreciate her!"

Hiram rolled his eyes at her and sneered, "So what? Should I marry her then? I never promised her anything. We were just good friends who hung out together from time to time. I didn't even realize her true feelings toward me. It's really none of my business."

Rachel gave him a thumbs-up sign and said, "Great! So now you're also an asshole! You're just heartless!"

After Flora wasted all her best times on him, all he said to her was, "so what?" He really didn't care about any woman other than Rachel.

Hiram was unable to cry nor laugh. He pinched Rachel on her cheek, saying, "You naughty little thing! Don't pretend to be all innocent! Can you explain to me how I'm cruel and heartless?"

'Dare you say it again?' he wondered.

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