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The restaurants that Hiram had brought Rachel to in the past, were always of the highest caliber and quality. Whether it was the dishes that were spectacular or the environment that was romantic, nothing ever disappointed.

In this regard too, Hiram was romantic and emotionally intelligent, knowing exactly what to say to Rachel at the right time. However, he still didn't like buying Rachel flowers or gifts.

A female singer was playing the guitar and singing on stage. Her voice was very distinctive, and the song she was singing was a relaxing type of music. Its melody was smooth and gentle, which was quite pleasant to listen to during the dinner.

Enjoying the music, Rachel and Hiram were having dinner.

It tasted very good.

"Is it really that delicious? You seem to be enjoying the food almost too much."

Rachel enjoyed the food so much, that it seemed as though it was the best food she had ever had. On the contrary, to Hiram, the dishes today were just fine but nothing too special. 'The chef really didn't exceed his expectations today.' Hiram thought.

"Uh-huh. It is very good." Rachel said and took another bite from her plate. She wasn't a very picky person, unlike Hiram. Therefore, she was satisfied with the restaurant's food.

"Next time, I'll take you to a much better restaurant. The dishes there are way better than here." Hiram said gently as he was the one who ordered Rachel's favorite dish for her.

Rachel lost herself in the music and delectable dishes. She was so lost in the music, in fact, that she didn't even notice another two guests coming to the restaurant and taking a seat right next to them.

"Marcus, here you are." Flora took out an invitation card from her handbag and put it on the table in front of Marcus.

When Marcus picked up the card, he looked at it and figured out what it was. He seemed surprised, "A wedding? Are you getting married, Flora?"

Flora smiled coldly. It was almost like she didn't care about the fact that she got engaged at all. She took a cup of tea and held it slightly over her hand. "I am. Why are you so surprised, Marcus? I'm no longer young. So, it's time for me to settle down and move on."

Marcus took a look at the name of the groom and frowned. "Adrian Cheng? I know him. If I recall correct, he is eight years older than me. He's forty-five or so, which means he is nearly fifteen years older than you. Isn't he too old for you?"

"So what? I think older people know a lot about how to care for others, which is what I need right now. I picked my husband randomly. Now, of course, I should choose the wealthiest one."

Smiling at him, Flora didn't take Marcus' words seriously. When she gestured a waiter to take their order, Flora noticed Hiram and Rachel who were sitting

he audience. The entire room remained silent, and got lost in Rachel's music.

Rachel's voice was clear and melodic, and so was the song she gladly picked to sing.

It had taken the audience back to the 1990's, an era that was painted in black and white.

Some people who were familiar with the song, were singing along with Rachel.

Suddenly, Rachel heard some music start to play. She turned around with surprise, to see who joined her on stage. It was Hiram. He was in the corner of the stage, playing the electric organ for her.

In the last chorus, Rachel turned around. She got used to being on the stage and realized that she didn't feel nervous anymore.

Flora, who was listening to Rachel sing and watching Hiram, who was playing the instrument for Rachel, unlike other audience members, felt very upset.


Flora called Marcus by his name. When she lifted her head, she found that Marcus was staring at Rachel, and was mesmerized by her voice.

Flora had known Marcus for quite a long time. He was very loyal to his wife and was indeed a person who was serious about what was meant to be in a relationship, let alone a marriage. He had never fallen in love with another woman, ever since he divorced his wife.

However, the way he looked at Rachel when she sang…

Flora felt startled. 'Does Marcus love Rachel too?' she wondered.

'No. There's no way!'

It was a coincidence that Hiram had fallen in love with Rachel, but what about Marcus? Flora felt jealous of Rachel. What had Rachel done to attract Marcus in such a way?

'It's totally unfair! How could every man fall in love with Rachel?' Flora felt enraged about the whole situation.

She glared at Rachel and grounded her teeth, hoping that Rachel would disappear into thin air immediately. She didn't want to see Rachel any longer than she had to!

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