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   Chapter 512 Work Delay Caused By A Woman.

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In the building of Streams Company

Rachel briskly walked up to the Streams Company after she returned from the XH Village.

This was because Rachel was anxious to see Hiram immediately.

After she had tramped out of the elevator, Rachel accidentally noticed Ben passing by, so she immediately stopped him and asked, "Ben, where is your boss?" She was suspicious that Hiram would have left the company soon after work.

"Mrs. Rong, you are back! Mr. Rong is still at the meeting. It will finish soon hopefully!" Ben replied enthusiastically and approached Rachel to greet her.

He was so glad to see Rachel come back. After these years of experience, Ben was already aware of his boss's temper. Every time when Rachel was away from home, Mr. Rong would tend to get angry easily, so Ben would speak less in front of him at such times.

But when Rachel was by Mr. Rong's side, things were different. His boss would become easier to mingle with.

At times when Ben made a joke, Mr. Rong would gaze at him rather than berating him.

"Okay, I see. Then I will wait for him in his office," Rachel said, smilingly. But she couldn't resist her urge to reach the meeting room and stared at Hiram there.

She peeped inside through the glass window and saw Hiram wearing a white shirt vigilantly listening to the report of the staff worker opposite him. He seemed to be engrossing in deep thoughts as he furrowed his thick eyebrows.

To his surprise, he suddenly shifted his gaze to the window maybe because he was responsive enough to have sensed someone else's gaze.

His eyes were brightened up instantly, when he spotted a woman, who was standing outside.

Rachel was the woman who was smiling lovingly and waving a hand at him, gesturing the symbol of heart.

Then, she directed to the direction of his office, hinting that she would wait for him in his office.

After reaching the CEO's office, Rachel stretched herself casually. She sat down and swirled Hiram's chair around. As she waited for Hiram, she randomly browsed over the piles of papers on his desk. It seemed that the amount of work had raised much following his business trip.

Rachel sighed. She empathized for her husband so much. He had to undertake so many responsibilities because of his position.

Then, Rachel sat erect in the chair and started to read the company files like a CEO. However, after reading for a few minutes, she felt tired looking at those complicated datas, so in the end, she gave up and put them away.

As Hiram was already taking charge of the company, why did she have to strain herself to read all these papers?

But Rachel was clueless when his meeting would conclude. It was boring to wait for Hiram alone in his office. She kept wandering around in the office and randoml

the evening. She assumed that it was one hour past since they started love-making.

Subsequently, Hiram removed the quilt and tugged Rachel into his arms all of a sudden. He pressed her hard and whispered in her ears, "Honey, don't worry about the time. It is Saturday tomorrow. It is a holiday for kids, so we can spare enough time for them."

As she sensed his hot gasp on her ears, Rachel blushed and nodded her head. She asked in a composed tone, "Then, will you be on leave too?"

Hiram leaned his head on her neck and smiled gently. "It depends on you. I will abide by my wife's decision," he said playfully.

"Abide by my decision? But, aren't you afraid that your staff would abuse you for procrastinating your work because of a woman?" Rachel mocked and erected his chin in a coquettish manner.

"Well, fine. Since you have worked hard these days, I empathize you and offer you two days leave. Are you inspired by my consideration for you?" she teased.

Rachel knew that even if he was on leave, he wouldn't postpone any important work. He would ask Ben to come to the villa or solve it via a phone call.

"Yes, I really appreciate that. Thank you, my dear!" Hiram responded and busted into laughter. He clung to her and caressed her smooth back with his fingers. As he felt her soft skin, he was aroused more and was breathless.

Hearing his gasp, Rachel instantly understood his intention and shunned his touch and pleaded, "Honey, I'm really hungry now. Let's go for dinner first, okay?"

She could feel his desire was increasing and she had to stop him before it was too late. Besides, she was starving.

Right then, her stomach roared out of hunger.

Helplessly, Hiram heaved a sigh and controlled to restrain himself. He then kissed her lips and uttered in a soothing voice, "Okay, then let's go and have our dinner first."

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