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   Chapter 511 Hiram I'm Coming To You

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A tense silence settled between them as they waited for each other to speak. Rachel looked at Selina. She was alone, her fingers fidgeting with her clothes and unable to meet her eyes.

Her uncle must have been too ashamed to come over, so here she was, facing her alone.

Selina bit her lip against the words that were threatening to pour out. She didn't expect Rachel to act so callously. It was Vicky who spoke next.

"Rachel, we...... It's true that we came here to ask for help. It may not be a big deal for you, but for me and my kid, it means the whole world,"

Vicky said with a tremor in her voice.

She had lost everything. Her shame in front of the woman she was facing meant nothing now.

"Not a big deal? Then why are you here to ask for help? Vicky was married into money, so why do you need help now?"

Fannie said, her words thick with sarcasm.

Their family had treated her and Rachel with nothing but condescension, so how come they are here to ask for help?

"Auntie, I beg of you. Please let it go. I was young at that time and I did not understand a lot of things." Vicky beseeched Fannie, and then turned to Rachel next. "Rachel, I know I was wrong. I regret everything I did before, even my marriage. I should have chosen someone for myself instead of listening to my mother,"

she said, her voice breaking into muffled sobs. "It was my mom's mistake. She let it slip that you're her niece and my husband happened to hear it. So he told me that he wanted to make a deal with the Rong family, but he couldn't make it, and now he wants your help."

Rachel kept silent as Vicky continued, "My husband doesn't like me. He had always been trying to kick me out of the family.

I am left with no choice now. I know that I don't have the right to be in front of you now, but this is the only way I can think of, and I had to try. My husband said that as long as I help him come to an agreement with the Rong family, he won't kick us out and will treat us better,"

Rachel did not expect what Vicky did next. She stepped forward and went down on her knees, and reached out for Rachel's hand.

"Rachel, we're still related, after all. Now my life is a mess, and I have a child now. You're a mother too, and I'm sure you understand what it means. The Rong family is so wealthy. This agreement will only be a small matter. Please, could you speak to Hiram?

Could you tell him to agree?" Her shoulder shook as she spoke.

Rachel took a deep breath and pulled her hand from Vicky's grasp. She said, "Vicky, your husband is only using you to get what he wants. Once he's done, he'll be throwing you away. He's that kind of man, and he will never treat you better. You won't find your happiness by continuing to be by his side." She grasped Vicky's arms and pulled her to stand up. Looking straight into her tear-filled eyes, she said, "Hear me out. Leave your husband and that family. You can make a living by yourself. You and your parents are able to work now, so I'm sure you'll be able to raise your child, even if you're alone.

the Rong family turned down the deal. If Hiram still refuses after Rachel pleads for us, there is nothing else that we can do.

If that is his decision, there is no need to burden Rachel anymore with our problems."

Vicky had thought things through now, and things made much more sense.

She couldn't keep on letting her mother control her decisions. For once, she had to stand up and choose for herself.

There are still a lot of problems, and she might make mistakes, but that would by far be better than living her life listening to someone else.

Selina was left in stunned silence. She couldn't believe that those words came from her daughter.

"Mom, it's late now. It's time for Auntie and Rachel to have lunch. We should leave." Vicky said and stood up. "Thank you again, Rachel. I owe you for this," she said, then took her daughter's hand and walked towards the door.

Selina followed her reluctantly, still in shock with how she answered her.

Fannie and Rachel stood up and watched three of them leave.

Rachel, remembering something, ran to the kitchen. There were snacks in her hands when she returned. She caught up with Vicky and said, "Vicky, it's late now. Here are some snacks for the kid in case she will be hungry."

Vicky accepted the snacks, and said meaningfully, "Thank you." Watching the three of them leave, Rachel let out a long breath.

Time was the best teacher. Even the most childish people would learn to grow up in time.

'It's not yet too late, ' Vicky thought. Now that she had realized her mistakes, she knew what she had to do.

She looked down at her daughter and gazed into her eyes. She could start again.

After lunch, Rachel called Carl to pick her up. Carl had been staying in the house of Rong family these days, so it was easy for him to pick her up.

Rachel thought that if she went now, she might be able to see Hiram before he got off work.

They drove off to H City. Rachel didn't tell Hiram about that ahead, so she could surprise him.

Hiram, I'm coming to you.

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