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   Chapter 510 The Shameless Mother And Daughter

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The next day with the sun peeking in the East and the flowers attract the fluttering butterflies in their full bloom, Rachel's hair was gently blown by a mild breeze as she opened the kitchen window.

She prepared the cake holder where she would put the cake she asked Carl to order. She then pulled her hair into a tight bun and put on her apron. She wanted to make this day extra special. With a smile on her face, she began chopping the vegetables to start the many dishes she will be cooking.

With the table and the food all set, Rachel prepared herself to surprise her mother. She went on to her bedroom, blindfolded her and led her to the table. "Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, Happy birthday, Happy birthday Mommy." Rachel sang as she slightly took off her mother's blindfold.

Despite the festive mood, Fannie could not hide her despair. Her eyes were red from crying, wrinkles and dark circles were formed under her eyes. She could not set his mind off Simpson.

Simpson was always in her dreams, she would dream that he would come back to see her. Although she knew that it was impossible because Simpson's dead, she still held her faith up.

She believed that Simpson was just somewhere near and was watching over her and Rachel, wishing them happiness.

As the morning turned to eve, Rachel sat comfortably on her rocking chair at the courtyard with Fannie to watch the skies as it filled up with tiny twinkling stars. The XH Village had a pleasant environment, so village people could always see the starry sky silhouetted by moonlight.

They shared a bottle of wine and exchanged stories. Rachel tried to cheer her mother up by reminiscing happy memories that they had made. As the night grew deep, Fannie felt drowsy and excused herself to bed.

Rachel now alone on the courtyard embraced herself as she felt the chill brought by the night breeze. She decided to take her rest. After all, it had been a long day. Inside her room, looking at the familiar old bed with the table on the side, she found everything still looked the same as before, trivial and classic.

She desperately wanted to have the house renovated after her father's death, but Fannie opposed. "The house and the pieces of furniture are the only remembrances I have left of your father," Fannie said. "The peals of laughter, the pains, and the love that we have happened here. This house is the witness. These items will be our tangible diaries," she added.

"Beeeep, beep, beep, beep!" Rachel was pulled back to reality by the sudden ring of her phone.

She grabbed her phone at that instant and was taken aback when she saw Hiram's name on the phone screen. Then she bit her lip and she slapped her forehead with her hand when she suddenly remembered that Hiram would be arriving today from his business trip.

"Hello my love, Where are you?"

asked Hiram with a slight frustration on his voice. He rushed home immediately after checking out from the airport expecting that he would be welcomed home by her lovely wife. To his dismay, Rachel was not home.

"Hello dear, how's your trip? I'm at the XH Village to celebrate my mother's birthday. I intend to inform you earlier, but my mind has been preoccupied with the celebration. I'm sorry," said Rachel.

"When will you come back home darling? I call Carl and ask him to pick you up. You should come back with him right now!" Hiram said, missing her very much as he hadn't seen her for so long. He longed for her warm embrace, wanting to smell the scent of her skin and see th


So we should treat each other well all the time." Selina walked up to Fannie and ushered her to sit down in a chair. "Fannie, I admit that I did something wrong in the past. It was so unreasonable for me to do such silly things. I'm sorry. I'm sincerely asking for your forgiveness. I promise I will not act so recklessly again."

Then Vicky walked towards Rachel tagging the little girl along. She nodded gently and gazed at Rachel from head to foot.

"Rachel……" Taking the little girl's hand, Vicky asked the girl to greet Rachel.

"Ingrid, say hello to your aunt Rachel."

However, the little girl was shy and hid behind Vicky, not willing to speak.

Rachel, in the back of her mind, was thinking what was the reason for the uninformed visit. She knew Selina very well, so she was sure that this time Selina and Vicky came to ask them a favor. "Just go ahead if you have something to say. I have to prepare the meal, so don't waste my time,"

said Fannie bluntly. After all, since Simpson's death, she has cut all ties with Selina and her family now, so she didn't give a damn to what they felt or thought.

"We won't bother you for so long. We will leave after about ten minutes. We know you are still mourning," Selina replied.

"Rachel," Selina emphasized turning her head towards Rachel. "I did something before that might have caused you to hate me. Are you still mad at me?"

Rachel was taken aback and was held speechless for a moment. The room was filled with a deafening silence. Rachel, pulling herself together, flashed her a confident smile and said, "Aunt Selina, Vicky, I hope that you don't waste your time paying us a visit and talk nonsense. My world does not revolve around either of you.

I am not under your control or live to satisfy your demand. So don't act as if everything is all right because it's NOT.

After all, what you did before was unacceptable and unforgivable. So if you plan to ask forgiveness from us or you need anything from us, I suggest that you should end this conversation right now.

We will not forgive you and we will never help you in any way we can," Rachel said decisively, her voice trembling.

And from that moment on, she didn't know what happened next.

She just heard herself screaming the words "Get the hell out!" and saw her trembling hand pointing Selina and Vicky out of the door.

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