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   Chapter 509 Mother's Birthday

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Mandy was spotted crossing the road with a man, a little older than her. She wore a smile on her face as she spoke to him.

"Albert, maybe she just came across her friend. Don't think the worst..." Rachel tried to calm him down.

She thought that Mandy would not sleep around with other men, like before, because Albert was such an exceptional man and any woman would be lucky to have him.

Albert didn't respond to Rachel's words. Darkness spread over his face as he picked up his phone and called Mandy.

"Where are you?"

Mandy was still walking arm in arm with the man when she got Albert's call. When she realized it was him calling, she immediately let go of the man's arm and cautiously answered the phone. "Albert... I... I am out shopping," she stammered.

"Well, with who?" Albert said in a cold voice, glaring at Mandy as she crossed his car.

"I'm with my friend - a girl. Albert, where are you?" Mandy nervously looked around and seemed to recognise a familiar car just a few feet away.

As her gaze fixed on the driver, she was horrified to find that it was indeed Albert sitting behind the wheel. She gasped in shock and the phone fell to the ground.

Albert cut the call just as the light turned green.

"Mandy, come on! The lights are turning red. Hurry up..." said the man with Mandy, picked up the phone from the ground, held her hand and quickly walked towards the other side.

Albert drove his car past Mandy.


screamed Mandy and chased after the car with no regard to the traffic on the road, or for her safety.

"Albert..." Rachel said.

and pulled Albert's arm as she saw that Mandy was still running after the car. "Albert, how about you pull over? It is dangerous for her to be running after the car," persuaded Rachel.

Albert had an annoyed look on his handsome face but relented and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Mandy noticed the car pull over and increased her speed to catch up. She came panting to Albert's window and rapped on it, gasping, "Albert! Please don't misunderstand me!

I was with a friend. We just happened to meet coincidentally on the road. Albert, you are the love of my life!"

She was in such a rush to justify herself to Albert that she hadn't even noticed Rachel in the seat next to him.

"Albert, there must be a good explanation for this. They may actually just be friends. You both should discuss this calmly," said Rachel in support of Mandy even though she wasn't sure whether t

buzzed the intercom. "Mom? Mom! I'm home! Open the gate quickly, please!"

After a while, Fannie opened the gate. When she saw Rachel, she was surprised and asked, "Rachel, how come you're here? Where are the kids?"

"The kids are at school, so I didn't bring them along. Mom, why don't you come back to my house with me tomorrow? Please?" said Rachel as she entered the house. She placed the gifts on the table and walked back to open the door for Carl allowing him to carry in the remaining boxes.

"I told you that I wanted to stay here! Why did you come all the way here instead of taking care of Joyce and Jonny?" scolded Fannie, and continued, "Why have you brought so many gifts? I am your mother, not other people. You don't need to buy anything when visiting me. Why did you waste so much money on it?"

Fannie always complained when Rachel got her gifts.

Rachel walked into the room and saw a charcoal fire buzzing warmly in the basin. She walked over and warmed her hands. "Mom, tomorrow is your birthday and I'm your daughter. If I didn't come here, then who will?

Well, now that you don't want to go back with me, I'll stay here to keep you company. Don't even try to drive me away. It's useless. Do you have something to eat?"

She asked Fannie adoringly.

Fannie was already lost in thought when she realized her daughter had asked her a question. She quickly brought herself back and replied, "I'll cook dinner for you. Carl also must not have had any dinner yet. Wait for sometime, dinner will be ready soon!" Then she walked out of the room.

Rachel walked to the door and waved Carl to come inside and sit beside the warm fire.

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