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   Chapter 508 Just Ask Me For My Advice

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Rachel saw that it was Hiram who was calling her. She quickly cleared her throat and picked up the phone.

"Honey?" she said in a low, yet calm voice, trying to make herself sound normal.

"Why does it take you so long to answer my call?" Hiram asked impatiently over the phone.

Hearing Hiram's all too familiar voice over the phone, made Rachel feel quite uneasy. She didn't know what to say to him.

"Oh, I'm very busy and caught up with work today. Are you coming back, honey?" she replied with a studied casualness as she didn't want him to worry about her at all.

Hiram let out a slight hum. He tapped his fingers on his lap and said, "I should be back the day after tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. What about everything around you? I feel as though I can sense that something is wrong. Is everything alright?"

"Well, of course! Everything is just fine, as per usual. Don't you worry about me!" Rachel was being deliberately dull about how things were actually going her side. She believed that she could persuade Hiram by lying to him.

However, in her attempt to assure him, she heard Hiram go completely silent for a few seconds.

"Rachel, do you really think that there is anything that doesn't reach my ears when I'm out of town? Really, my dear wife?" he then contradicted his question in a low tone and rather unpleasant voice.

Apparently, she was far too naive to conclude that she could keep anything from Hiram, let alone this. Hiram was aware of everything that occurred at the RaR Company. He knew everything at all times.

Rachel was a little taken aback by his response, and then she smiled embarrassingly, even though she wasn't facing him in person, "Hum, you already know, right?"

"Now what? Please, don't try to make things look better, now will you?" Hiram sighed helplessly and said, "I've sent someone over to talk with that Director. Listen, this can either turn out to be a big problem, or a small one. It all depends. Rachel, I know you wanted to settle it yourself, but why didn't you just ask me for my advice in the first place? I'm your husband and I'm a very good businessman. If anyone could've helped you with this, it would've been me. You know that."

Rachel took a breath of relief and bit her lips softly, as she always did when she was nervous, "Okay then. I'll ask you first when something like this ever happens again, honey."

"Someone needs to stand up and bear the full responsibility for the consequences at hand, and it must be that designated Director. Please, don't let anyone with ulterior motives misuse your delicate heart, honey. When you're dealing with business, and you behave like a fool, you will be treated as such," Hiram convinced her. He was fully aware that Rachel had a soft and vulnerable heart, which would always be one of her biggest virtues. However, business was nothing but a war-zone, and there would always be someone that would want to take advantage of it.

Hearing his kind words, Rachel felt a sense of warmth overtaking her heart, and she knew that it would be much easier if Hiram had helped her with it.

"Will this matter involve or compromise the Streams Company? This is the reason why I didn't ask you for help in the first place," Rachel replied.

She had been afraid that they would look for a motive to stir up trouble and involve Hiram's

ting for me there."

"Alright, no problem!" Albert replied and started the car.

On their way, Rachel glanced at Albert several times, as she felt the urge to talk to him about Mandy, but she found that it was too hard for her to start a conversation surrounding that subject. She hinted at him to keep his distance with Mandy before, and since Mandy was already his girlfriend now, she felt as though it would be wrong to tell him about what Mandy was like before.

What if Mandy had changed? Rachel hoped that it was indeed the case. She always had a way of overthinking situations.

"How are you and Mandy doing now, Albert?" she asked, not knowing what else to say to him.

Albert let out a slight sigh of disappointment and cracked a smile, that failed to reach his eyes, "Sorry, Rachel! I'm afraid that I've let you down."

"Why? What are you talking about? How could you possibly let me down?" Rachel asked curiously.

Albert then explained slowly. He sounded a little devastated.

"Mandy… I know about her past and that she had dated several guys before me, but I've never expected for her to still go out with a few of them. Especially since we were already together at the time. I broke up with her later, but she has shown a lot of concern towards me in the last two years. She also begged me to give her a second chance, and you know very well that I can't stand any form of pleading from girls, so I agreed."

Saying it out loud, he heaved another sigh before continuing, "I'll move on with her and forget all about the past mistakes, as long as she takes our relationship seriously."

Rachel shook her head. She knew how hard it was to change a person's nature. She felt sorry for Albert. It was a pity for such a bright young man, with a crystal smile, to run into a girl with such a notorious reputation like Mandy. She wasn't pleased with Mandy at all and resented her for it.

Rachel knew that without coincidences in life, there would be no stories.

When their car stopped to wait for the green light at a crossing, Rachel noticed that Albert's face had turned abnormally pale.

She looked outside at the direction where he had fixed his eyes on. Rachel then took a deep breath when she saw who was there.

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