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   Chapter 507 You Really Don't Accept My Help

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In fact, RaR's secret supporter was the Streams Company, but if people came to know about it, it wouldn't favor this matter.

Since Rachel and Hiram were a couple, if the injured woman's family got to know that RaR's boss was Rachel, it might spoil the reputation of Streams Company too.

This was the reason that Celine conceded that she was the boss.

Hearing this, the two girls didn't dare to respond. After all, the Streams Company was such a famous one that common people would not be audacious to get into a dispute against it.

Rachel was aware what Celine was trying to do was to avoid unnecessary hassles, so she turned to the old lady and said, "As for the compensation, the shopping mall and the manufacturer will bear it. I'm sorry for what had happened to you. Your daughter is supposed to be at good rest now. We are planning to leave you alone," said Rachel.

Then Rachel bid goodbye to the injured woman and walked towards Celine. Rachel thought that they had done all they could. It was time to leave.

Even though RaR was convicted for their slackness, they weren't responsible for this whole matter. All they could do was to apologize to the injured in person.

"Wait!" yelled the old lady.

She rushed up to Rachel, and held her arm to stop her from leaving. "Do you see how badly my daughter is bruised? Are you going to leave?"

"Even though your company isn't the manufacturer, you are the one selling these deficient goods. Haven't you examined the goods before selling them to the customers? Now that my daughter got hurt badly because of the deficient goods, apologizing is all you are going to do?" The old lady looked very furious now.

Seeing the old lady holding onto Rachel's arm, Celine was disturbed and walked up to the old lady at once. Trying to unlock Rachel's arm out of her hands, Celine said, "Hey, hey, what're you doing? Please retract your hands. Has the shopping mall compensated you already? What do you want from us apart from an apology? Are you demanding us to offer some money?"

"What do you mean by that? Are you conceding that you are not accountable for this accident? Your company is the one trading these deficient goods to the shopping mall. If it were not for your company, we and all the other innocent customers wouldn't have purchased such appalling goods. Do you have the guts to say that you are not responsible for this accident! Your company has a great responsibility!" countered the old lady loudly.

"Ha!" interrupted Celine. She was keen to explain. "We might have certain responsibilities, so we are here to apologize to you in person. But it doesn't mean that we are responsible for this accident. In fact, it should be the people from the shopping mall who are supposed to apologize to you. We don't have any necessity to come. We just thought of visiting you out of compassion."

Watching Celine get anxious, Rachel hauled her and said in

countered so many problems at work, and she gained more confidence by dealing it individually. Even though some of the problems were complicated, she wanted to give a try.

After any incident, she would learn a lesson and try avoiding it next time.

Marcus replied with a smile, "I understand that you want to do it by yourself. But sometimes the situation demands someone with resources to handle it expeditiously. You have the resources, really. Why don't you use it?"

"Rachel, I know the reason why you don't want to seek Hiram's help is that you don't want to get the Streams Company involved. If you do so, it might aggravate the issue. But, I can help you," said Marcus.

He had overheard her conversation with the manager.

During the whole discussion, Rachel didn't mention the Streams Company once, so he understood her concern.

If Rachel sought Hiram's help, he would sort it in no time. For Hiram, it was a piece of cake.

Rachel paused for a short while and she never thought that he would notice.

"Oh right, why are you here?" asked Rachel. After a cough, she tried to divert the topic.

Smiling, Marcus said, "My house's decoration is right on the track. The quality is great. I'm very much pleased."

"Oh? That's great," said Rachel, gesturing. Since she just initialized to build up the brand, she ensured that every contractor she chose was finalized by her and a reliable one.

"Are you sure that you don't need my help?" asked Marcus again. He stood up and was about to leave.

Rachel nodded her head confidently. "No, I don't. Thanks, though."

She didn't want Marcus to get involved in this matter, intuitively.

He remained calm to her answer. He opened the door and left.

Rachel heaved a sigh and was lost in thought. Suddenly, the phone on the desk rang and the sound agitated her.

Looking at the name on the screen, she felt anxious.

It was Hiram calling.

Was he aware of the accident?

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